Broken Shed Vodka: Product Review

Broken Shed bottle shot_Low res  Black background

Itís no secret Iím always up for reviewing a new spirit brand, and since Iím a vodka fan from way back it was no hardship to test drive a new-to-me brand called Broken Shed. Interested in my first impressions and selected cocktail recipe? Read on. With a label design suited to easy masculine gift giving,… [Continue Reading]

Celebrate Halloween with a Fun Cocktail Called the White Spider

White Spider

On the lookout for something fresh to serve for this yearís Halloween cocktail? Try featuring a fun drink called the White Spider. Itís simple, crisp and short on ingredients making it the perfect drink for after-work gatherings in October.

Product Review: I Spirit Vodka

Vodka Collins copy

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new base ingredient for cocktails Ė I Spirit Vodka. I test drove this spirit at an overnight dinner party my husband and I hosted for out-of-town friends. So, what were the results?

Happy Hour Friday: The Cherry Cooler Edition

Cherry cooler

Socializing with colleagues after work? This simple happy hour menu is sure to suit.