Curried Vegan Meatballs with Chickpeas and Peanuts


These curried vegan meatballs are one of numerous meatless meatball recipes Iíve run across since starting the transition to a more plant-based diet. The recipe is from Robin Robertsonís savory cookbook, Vegan Fire and Spice, my go-to resource when it comes to spicy vegan recipes. With the exception of the vegan yogurt, all of the… [Continue Reading]

Vegetable-Nut and Lentil Koftas


On the prowl for some great vegetarian snacks? This recipe for Indian dunking balls made from nuts, lentils and vegetables is packed with nutrition and flavor.

Product Review: Michael Angeloís Eggplant Cutlets

Eggplant Cutlet (Club Store)

Processed food products arenít high on my list of grocery items to buy. I can find just as much convenience in a shrimp and snow pea stir fry as I can a frozen pasta bake. Every once in a while however, I run across something that actually catches my attention.

Pumpkin Ravioli Filling

Pumpkin Ravioli

When we lived in northern Italy, pumpkin ravioli was a popular dish in the fall. Imagine my delight when I found a recipe for the filling recently.