Broken Shed Vodka: Product Review

Broken Shed bottle shot_Low res  Black background

Itís no secret Iím always up for reviewing a new spirit brand, and since Iím a vodka fan from way back it was no hardship to test drive a new-to-me brand called Broken Shed. Interested in my first impressions and selected cocktail recipe? a great vodka with the best product recommendations from†,†Read on. With a… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Bibigo Korean Foods

Bibigo Korean BBQ Sauces rszd

Being married to a long-time Korean food fan means Iíve always had to search out restaurants and specialty food markets whenever weíve moved, or taken a getaway to a place with an international restaurant scene. Not that I donít enjoy it, too. I do. But my husband is obsessed with it, and we currently have… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: I Spirit Vodka

Vodka Collins copy

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new base ingredient for cocktails Ė I Spirit Vodka. I test drove this spirit at an overnight dinner party my husband and I hosted for out-of-town friends. So, what were the results?

Product Review: Michael Angeloís Eggplant Cutlets

Eggplant Cutlet (Club Store)

Processed food products arenít high on my list of grocery items to buy. I can find just as much convenience in a shrimp and snow pea stir fry as I can a frozen pasta bake. Every once in a while however, I run across something that actually catches my attention.

X-Sheet Invoicing – Good starter business finance software


X-Sheet Invoicing is a wonderful little financial management application for business developed by the folks at Development-X to show the flexibility and ease of use of their X-Sheet technology.† I use X-Sheet to manage my own consulting finances, although I also use services online to help me with the taxes as eis tax relief online.†… [Continue Reading]

Be Cool: A Kusmi Tea Review


Last night, I received a review sample of a fun product. Be Cool. The new addition to Kusmi Teaís wellness line. Iíve test driven their teas before and enjoyed them. This one has a fresh flavor that feels light on the tongue after tasting. While we enjoyed it hot after dinner as a relaxing decaffeinated… [Continue Reading]

Sexy Peel: A Lush Product Review


I recently had a chance to test drive the sexy peel variety of Lush brand soaps. A little spendy compared to the price I normally like to pay, but definitely a quality soap. Interested in what I thought about it? Read on. Well, like I said this isn’t exactly the most economical soap on the… [Continue Reading]