Dogs and Emotions…


There has been debate as to whether or not dogs can actually feel emotions. Older schools of scientific thought have refuted the notion. Now, however, scientists and behaviorists are beginning to undertake studies to prove otherwise. Personally, I have no doubt that dogs can feel a full range of emotions including jealousy, sadness, fear, and… [Continue Reading]

Five Homegrown Pet Toys


Dogs and cats are a lot like children. Buy them a new toy, and they’d rather play with the box. Keeping that in mind, there are some easy options in your home for entertaining your pet without spending a fortune… or anything at all, in some cases. The first is tug toys. Most dogs like… [Continue Reading]

Through a Dog’s Eyes


Did you know that a dog’s vision is not exactly like your own? Dogs are farsighted, which means that they have trouble seeing objects nearest to them, but as a dogs age their ability to see clearly becomes more challenged. You may have noticed that your elderly dog takes more time to recognize you when… [Continue Reading]

Cat Care…


People often associate pet training with the training of a dog. The fact of the matter is that many species of animals, including the cat, can be trained. I have heard of a hermit crab that was trained to ring a bell when he wanted to eat, an Oscar fish that would go through loops… [Continue Reading]

Summer Pest Woes for Pets: How to Be on Guard


A few years ago my dog Buster and I were running around in the backyard when all of a sudden I heard him yelping and saw him running in circles, his entire body covered with wasps. I was horrified to say the least.

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days

No doubt many of you are feeling the dog days of summer heat. With the  summer sun come unwelcome guests like pollen, fleas, and mosquitoes making their presence painfully known to us and our pets.

Your Pet and Heat Exhaustion…


Are you feeling uncomfortably hot this summer season? Now try to imagine how your dog feels. A dog’s internal temperature is actually higher than humans. Just like humans, dogs are also susceptible to heat exhaustion. As a responsible pet owner it is important to ensure that you know what the signs of heat exhaustion are… [Continue Reading]

Tell Tail Signs: Communicating with Your Pet


Have you ever looked into your pet’s eyes and wondered what they may be feeling? 

Diet Impacts Your Pet’s Behavior

dog in field

Could you imagine eating the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, day in and day out, 365 days a year?  I think that if my dog Buster or your cat Sylvester had a voice, they would ask us just that very question.

How To Avoid Separation Anxiety with Your Dog

Separation Anxiety

Imagine yourself in your dog’s paws.  Dogs are social animals.  As such, they need companionship and activity. 

Pet Adoption: Three Simple Tips for Successful Integration


Getting ready to bring another pet into your home? Good for you. There are plenty of lovely animals out there in need of a great home. A word of advice? Involve your current pet(s) in the process if possible. Here are three simple tips for making pet adoption go smoothly. Bring your other pet along… [Continue Reading]