Zucchini and eggs


When I was a kid, my mother, sister and I lived with my Italian grandmother for a bit before moving into our own digs. There are several food related memories from those days, as you might imagine. 

Old Fashioned Hard Candy

Another successful confection from my candy-making phase is traditional hard candy.  Hard candy is a classic.  It takes few ingredients to make, and it is pretty in a candy dish or a gift jar.  This old recipe is my favorite. 2 c sugar 1 c water 3/4 c light corn syrup Food coloring (red, green,… [Continue Reading]

Cowboy Caviar


A coworker from my past introduced me to this completely simple, economic and tasty appetizer.  The ‘caviar’ is not fish eggs, but yummy black  beans.  Good chunks of veggies, tortillas, and sturdy tortilla chips are good options for dipping or scooping this tasty concoction.  I never got the formal recipe from Kathy, my coworker, but… [Continue Reading]

Spicing Up Lunch


When you think ‘pesto’, you probably think the basil variety, right?  Well, ‘pesto’ is the Italian word for ‘paste’, and soft green herbs lend themselves well to pesto.  Try making a nice cilantro pesto.  There are several variations available on this particular pesto, but cilantro, salt and olive oil are a given.  Almonds are a… [Continue Reading]

Add Some Chevre


Another great way to add some snap to a sandwich is chevre.  Chevre is a tangy, light, soft goat cheese whose flavor and texture make it a great layer on a  veggie wrap, for example, loaded with carrots, cukes, sprouts, and whatever other vegetable options are available to you.  Chevre cheese is a mid-priced cheese,… [Continue Reading]

Sandwich Spread


Several years ago, my Aunt Sylvia gave me a jar of the most interesting sandwich spread.  It was different and really, really tasty.  I asked for the recipe, and was surprised to see green tomatoes as one of the core ingredients.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to use excess produce, and green tomatoes… [Continue Reading]

Hot Pepper Jelly


This is not a jelly restricted to a fruit season.  I make this when I find on sale at least two of the three peppers involved. This is actually a recipe from Sure-Jell; it’s been no fail for me. I’ve had recipes that crystalize, and that just makes me cranky. The uses for hot pepper… [Continue Reading]

Sweet refrigerator pickles


I love pickles.  Finding this recipe has made fresh pickles a staple in my house.  The best thing is that I can make one jar at a time using whatever cucumbers happen to be best priced at the time.  I’m partial to small pickling cukes or European cukes, so tend to plan these pickles around… [Continue Reading]

Avgolemono Soup


Photo by Wyscan I developed a taste for Avgolemono while going to school in Cleveland. There’s a restaurant, which is still there, called The Mad Greek that is my ground zero for Greek food.  This is not their recipe, but tastes very like it.  The simplicity and elegance of Avgolemono (Egg and Lemon) soup should… [Continue Reading]

Easy Low Fat Thai Shrimp Toast

easy low fat Thai shrimp toastRSZD

I love shrimp toast as much as the next person, but the deep fried element adds calories and complications I’d rather not deal with on the home front. So I’ve come up with this extremely tasty and lower fat version I can whip up easily in the toaster oven to enjoy Thai shrimp toast at… [Continue Reading]