Classy Presents on a Budget: Consider a Wine Club Gift

Cellars Wine Club Picture

If youíre looking for a gift idea thatís above par yet meets your budget requirements, consider a wine club gift. They come in all price ranges, including one I just found that sends your friend or loved one a new and interesting variety every month for less than twenty bucks per bottle. The wine club… [Continue Reading]

Red Corn Relish


I discovered this recipe one year when I received a windfall of both corn and tomatoes and wanted a way to use both.† It’s a lovely relish, an abundant recipe, and a very tasty condiment. A pint of red corn relish is a big hit as a hostess gift, and is great for Christmas giving… [Continue Reading]

Yard Larder: Chamomile


Chamomile is a lovely smelling and looking flower whose primary use is for a nice, calming herbal tea.† I was given the gift of chamomile jelly once.† I was a tad skeptical, but the first taste made me a convert.† This light aromatic substance is a small piece of heaven. It is delicious.† I can… [Continue Reading]

Yard Larder: Rose Hips


As often happens with me, I stumbled onto rose hips as food quite by accident.† While walking on a beach in Maine, I found a remarkable patch of Sea Spray roses that had progressed to the rose hip stage. The hips were huge and looked like crabapples.

Microplane Grater


I’m such a big fan of kitchen tools, that the microplane grater was a no brainer for me.† Of course, it makes a couple of my existing tools redundant, but that’s okay.† This tool replaces the traditional box grater for all fine grating.† From grating hard cheeses like Parmesan or Asiago, to zesting citrus,†or grating… [Continue Reading]

Honey/Peanut Rolls


My mother made this for us when we were kids.† Can’t go wrong with peanut butter and honey,†in my humble opinion.† This treat just brings that home.† Few ingredients, cost effective, pretty healthy and yummy, too.† And it keeps well.† It’s a great holiday cookie; hostess gift; or just a nice sweet to have on… [Continue Reading]