Cowboy Caviar


A coworker from my past introduced me to this completely simple, economic and tasty appetizer.  The ‘caviar’ is not fish eggs, but yummy black  beans.  Good chunks of veggies, tortillas, and sturdy tortilla chips are good options for dipping or scooping this tasty concoction.  I never got the formal recipe from Kathy, my coworker, but… [Continue Reading]

Add Some Chevre


Another great way to add some snap to a sandwich is chevre.  Chevre is a tangy, light, soft goat cheese whose flavor and texture make it a great layer on a  veggie wrap, for example, loaded with carrots, cukes, sprouts, and whatever other vegetable options are available to you.  Chevre cheese is a mid-priced cheese,… [Continue Reading]

Cream Cheese Sandwich Spreads


This isn’t a new idea.  Consumers of bagels had this idea long ago.  Put cream cheese on a sandwich!  I adopted the idea while in college in Cleveland and have never looked back.  Cream cheese is a wonderful replacement for aged cheese on any sandwich that includes deli meat.  It’s a less expensive food item,… [Continue Reading]

Welsh Humbug


On a recent trip home, I went on a recon mission to find some of my favorite family recipes that I didn’t already have in my collection.  I went on a candy-making spree sometime in my teen-aged years.  My stepfather brought this recipe to the table in the midst of my hard-candy phase.  I loved… [Continue Reading]

Honey/Peanut Rolls


My mother made this for us when we were kids.  Can’t go wrong with peanut butter and honey, in my humble opinion.  This treat just brings that home.  Few ingredients, cost effective, pretty healthy and yummy, too.  And it keeps well.  It’s a great holiday cookie; hostess gift; or just a nice sweet to have on… [Continue Reading]

Sugar and Spice Nuts


I’m not really sure when this recipe showed up in the family retinue, or from which Bruno sister it originated.  I can tell by the condition of the index card on which it’s printed that it’s been awhile, though.   And these are a fave of mine.  I don’t make them every year, but always remember… [Continue Reading]