Tasty and Affordable Black Eyed Pea Recipes

black eyed pea curry lead pic

If youíre looking for a fiber-filled food item thatís affordable and relatively simple to prepare, consider the ages-old black eyed pea. Itís popular across a number of international cuisines, takes notably less time to cook than the frequently-used pinto, and doesnít really need to be soaked like other beans.

Black Bean Recipes for All Occasions


Popular in Caribbean food and Mexican cuisine, black beans offer flexibility, reduced cooking time and cranberry-comparable antioxidant properties. They are also a food item that is still affordable when transitioning from conventional to organic food purchases.

Tailgating Menu Stress Bringing You Down? Best Tailgate Menu Ideas for Vegans, Vegetarians and Carnivores

Hot Dog with Baked Beans and Potato Salad

Coming up with a few tailgate menu ideas might seem simple enough. Until you sit down to plan the logistics of what needs to be prepared, how youíll handle the power supply and oh yeah . . . clean up. For extra fun, you may have decided itís a good idea to provide a flexible… [Continue Reading]

The Beauty of Dried Cherries


I love, love, love dried tart cherries.† In recipes, sweet or savory, I prefer them to raisins or dried cranberries and do the swap regularly.† Take for example the humble chocolate chip cookie.† Toss in 3/4-1 cup of dried cherries to your favorite recipe and, oh baby, you’ve created a new family favorite.† This works… [Continue Reading]

Spicing Up Lunch


When you think ‘pesto’, you probably think the basil variety, right?† Well, ‘pesto’ is the Italian word for ‘paste’, and soft green herbs lend themselves well to pesto.† Try making a nice cilantro pesto.† There are several variations available on this particular pesto, but cilantro, salt and olive oil are a given.† Almonds are a… [Continue Reading]

Add Some Chevre


Another great way to add some snap to a sandwich is chevre.† Chevre is a tangy, light, soft goat cheese whose flavor and texture make it a great layer on a† veggie wrap, for example, loaded with carrots, cukes, sprouts, and whatever other vegetable options are available to you.† Chevre cheese is a mid-priced cheese,… [Continue Reading]

Honey/Peanut Rolls


My mother made this for us when we were kids.† Can’t go wrong with peanut butter and honey,†in my humble opinion.† This treat just brings that home.† Few ingredients, cost effective, pretty healthy and yummy, too.† And it keeps well.† It’s a great holiday cookie; hostess gift; or just a nice sweet to have on… [Continue Reading]

Sweet refrigerator pickles


I love pickles.† Finding this recipe has made fresh pickles a staple in my house.† The best thing is that I can make one jar at a time using whatever cucumbers happen to be best priced at the time.† I’m partial to small pickling cukes or European cukes, so tend to plan these pickles around… [Continue Reading]

Plan and Prepare a Week’s Worth of Menus in Less than Two Hours


A week’s worth of meal prep in sixty Ė ninety minutes. Sound impossible? I thought so too. Until I had a chance to hook up with the first lady of fitness and food coaching, Kathy Kaehler.†