Spicing Up Lunch


When you think ‘pesto’, you probably think the basil variety, right?  Well, ‘pesto’ is the Italian word for ‘paste’, and soft green herbs lend themselves well to pesto.  Try making a nice cilantro pesto.  There are several variations available on this particular pesto, but cilantro, salt and olive oil are a given.  Almonds are a… [Continue Reading]

Add Some Chevre


Another great way to add some snap to a sandwich is chevre.  Chevre is a tangy, light, soft goat cheese whose flavor and texture make it a great layer on a  veggie wrap, for example, loaded with carrots, cukes, sprouts, and whatever other vegetable options are available to you.  Chevre cheese is a mid-priced cheese,… [Continue Reading]

Chicken with Lemon-Caper Cream

chicken capers cream RSZD

I love it when elegant recipes come with a short list of basic ingredients. Such is the case with this version of chicken with lemon-caper cream.

Scallops and Mushrooms in a Martini Cream Sauce

scallops and mushrooms RSZD

Bay Scallops and baby mushrooms are two of my favorites. So when I found this simple recipe combining the two of them, I was delighted.