Helpful Software Programs for Small Business Owners


No one wants to spend money unnecessarily. A person starting a small business is no different. In fact, anytime one can cut costs while keeping quality, it’s really an investment in that business. Still, many people insist on purchasing brand name software to use for their start-ups. It’s not always necessary. With the variety of… [Continue Reading]

TopStyle Lite – Free Style Sheet Software


When I first started getting my feet wet with web design and support, I had trouble understanding style sheets and how they worked. TopStyle Lite — the free, downsized version of TopStyle — was recommended to me as a good visualizing tool. And so it is. The nature of style sheets is evolving, but I… [Continue Reading]

The Gimp – Free Image Manipulation Software


This is some pretty hefty software.  It does everything but tap dance. There is a learning curve, but if you’ve worked before with image manipulation software, you already have a leg up.

Treepad Lite – Personal Information Manager


There are more and more reasons to save data digitally with every day that passes.  A belt-and-suspenders approach to traditional note-taking is a good idea.  A solid option for saving items traditionally relegated to a notebook is Treepad.   There is a more sophisticated paid version and there is a free pared down plain-text version called… [Continue Reading]

doPDF – Free PDF Converter


Anyone who uses a computer as a part of his or her day-to-day life — business or personal — will eventually need to send a printed document to someone via email.  The options are to attach the original document (not advised, usually), a scan of the document (acceptable, but tedious to the sender), or a… [Continue Reading]

X-Sheet Invoicing – Good starter business finance software


X-Sheet Invoicing is a wonderful little financial management application for business developed by the folks at Development-X to show the flexibility and ease of use of their X-Sheet technology.  I use X-Sheet to manage my own consulting finances, although I also use services online to help me with the taxes as eis tax relief online. … [Continue Reading]

Color Cop – A free color picker


This is a tool that is meant for Windows web designers and programmers, but these days, bloggers who support their own blogs in WordPress, for example, are doing a lot of their own site modifications.  Color Cop stays on top and includes an eyedropper to grab a color of interest off any web page.  It… [Continue Reading]

Zip Genius – a file compression option


ZipGenius is a file compression tool that is a perfect companion to anyone’s PC tool box.  Sending 10 full sized images and your email client is grousing?  Compress the images into one file that’s smaller than the sum of it’s parts, and email will be better able to handle those images.   Need to offload some… [Continue Reading]

FileZilla – Simple, Secure, Free FTP Protocol


This open source, file transfer protocol (FTP) is my preferred software for this function.  It is available in client and server versions, and it is free.  It runs on several platforms (including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and is available in many languages. One of my favorite things, beyond ease of use, is the… [Continue Reading]

Cool Ruler – A handy measuring tool


You’re looking at a web page and see the size of the image on the page is what you want.  What is that size?  How do you calculate it?  Hold a ruler up to the screen?  Cut and paste into a graphics tool like IrfanView?  Nope.  Get yourself a copy of the very handy Cool… [Continue Reading]

IrfanView – A Quick and Clean Graphic Tool


Like any computer tool, IrfanView is one of many available of its type.  I own Photoshop, but for basic image manipulation, the following are the primary reasons I use this tool. 1. Irfanview is Freeware. It’s not a trial software and there are no nags for licensing or registration or anything. 2. It supports many,… [Continue Reading]