Cowboy Caviar


A coworker from my past introduced me to this completely simple, economic and tasty appetizer. The ‘caviar’ is not fish eggs, but yummy black beans. Good chunks of veggies, tortillas, and sturdy tortilla chips are good options for dipping or scooping this tasty concoction. I never got the formal recipe from Kathy, my coworker, but… [Continue Reading]

Spicing Up Lunch


When you think ‘pesto’, you probably think the basil variety, right? Well, ‘pesto’ is the Italian word for ‘paste’, and soft green herbs lend themselves well to pesto. Try making a nice cilantro pesto. There are several variations available on this particular pesto, but cilantro, salt and olive oil are a given. Almonds are a… [Continue Reading]

Microplane Grater


I’m such a big fan of kitchen tools, that the microplane grater was a no brainer for me. Of course, it makes a couple of my existing tools redundant, but that’s okay. This tool replaces the traditional box grater for all fine grating. From grating hard cheeses like Parmesan or Asiago, to zesting citrus,or grating… [Continue Reading]

Cream Cheese Sandwich Spreads


This isn’t a new idea. Consumers of bagels had this idea long ago. Put cream cheese on a sandwich! I adopted the idea while in college in Cleveland and have never looked back. Cream cheese is a wonderful replacement for aged cheese on any sandwich that includes deli meat. It’s a less expensive food item,… [Continue Reading]

Fried zucchini flowers


Zucchini plants were always plentiful in my grandparents’ garden. Anyone who grows zucchini successfully knows that, at some point, one can wish there weren’t so many! Here’s a great way to enjoy the zucchini plant and put a little production reduction into place. The following is the primary ingredients in the breading. Amounts are completely… [Continue Reading]

Simple Appetizer – Fried Codfish Balls


Photo by jasonlam Growing up with my Italian relatives added a whole bunch of yummy cooking ideas to my recipe box. This particular side, usually prepared around any major holiday meal, is a personal fave. Because all spices are ‘to taste’, this recipe is easily modified. It works with any seafood, really, but my best… [Continue Reading]

Plan and Prepare a Week’s Worth of Menus in Less than Two Hours


A week’s worth of meal prep in sixty ninety minutes. Sound impossible? I thought so too. Until I had a chance to hook up with the first lady of fitness and food coaching, Kathy Kaehler.