Yard Larder: Sheep Sorrel


When I first moved into my house, I noticed this weed running rampant. I pulled up some…it’s a root propagator, “some” is a relative term…and brought it to my local greenhouse for i.d.  The i.d. was followed up with advice on how to manage this weed.  Since the management tool was chemical, I did a… [Continue Reading]

Yard Larder: Dandelion Flower


Where I live, in rural Maine, the dandelion is not viewed as a yard intruder.  We don’t mind wildflowers popping up in our yards.  I shouldn’t speak for everyone, I guess, but I certainly don’t mind. I think they’re pretty, and thanks to a friend, see the flowers as a tasty appetizer, too. Eat dandelion… [Continue Reading]

Yard Larder: Crabapple Sauce


Crabapples and rhubarb have much in common in that eating them in their natural state will cause the eater to pull a face that is memorable to those who see it.  They are sour, tart, pick your adjective.  It takes sweetening to bring out the true flavor of crabapples. My favorite way to eat crabapples… [Continue Reading]

Yard Larder: Dandelion Greens


Many people have a love/hate relationship with dandelions. Some of us consider them wildflowers; others, a weed.  I’m in the former category.  I like to look at them…and I like to eat them! As far as  nutrition is concerned, dandelion greens rate pretty high with respectable daily percentage values of iron and calcium, and off-the-chart… [Continue Reading]

Recipe: Cabbage – Ramen Salad (Asian Cole Slaw)


Flickr Photo Credit: Soylentgreen23 One of my fellow teachers on Guam used to make this recipe for all of our large BBQ / pot luck gatherings. Before I left, I asked her for the directions so I could add it to my list of cabbage recipes. I’ve taken it to a bunch of gatherings myself,… [Continue Reading]