Happy Hour Friday: The Frozen Matador Edition

Frozen Matador

Tequila fans who love to beat the heat with frozen cocktails will love this week’s carnival edition. Check out this recipe for a frozen drink with a Spanish twist.

Happy Hour Friday Premier Edition: Simple Sangria

happy hour friday

Welcome to the first weekly Happy Hour Friday cocktail carnival here at We Be Sharin’!  We work hard all week, and each deserve a chance to unwind a bit as Friday afternoon rolls around. With this in mind, we’re launching this weekly happy hour event where bloggers on any topic are welcome to come and… [Continue Reading]

Cowboy Caviar


A coworker from my past introduced me to this completely simple, economic and tasty appetizer.  The ‘caviar’ is not fish eggs, but yummy black  beans.  Good chunks of veggies, tortillas, and sturdy tortilla chips are good options for dipping or scooping this tasty concoction.  I never got the formal recipe from Kathy, my coworker, but… [Continue Reading]

Hot Pepper Jelly


This is not a jelly restricted to a fruit season.  I make this when I find on sale at least two of the three peppers involved. This is actually a recipe from Sure-Jell; it’s been no fail for me. I’ve had recipes that crystalize, and that just makes me cranky. The uses for hot pepper… [Continue Reading]