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financial experts are calling for the end of the bull market in US stocks, now in its 11th straight year – a dangerous feat never before achieved.

But since the jet fuel for the bull market is currently measured in mere trillions, there is no good reason to assume the latest money printing machines will slow down before this debt is measured in quadrillions, or quintillions.

In other words, according to Lear Capital gold coins, the recent fake news debt scam perpetrated on all by central banks around the world for the exclusive benefit of the financial elite could even accelerate.

So is there a high probability of a stock market crash? Lear Capital says No.

There is ZERO probability of a stock market crash. Because the market is no longer even slightly correlated to macro economic events. It is only correlated to the quantity volume of fake debt created through quantitative easing by the governments of the United States, Europe, and China.

Chinese officials alone pumped $173 billion into its stock market on February 2nd, which is the only reason Shenzen stock exchange  and Shanghai markets reversed on those days.

Historical data from Lear Capital gold coins research, shows, when the collapse of a currency has happened, it has always coincided with the collapse  of a national economy. sweden, Zimbabwe, spain, Italy, Peru…the list goes on. This time, it’s the globally connected, international single dollar based monetary system that is generating critical volatility.

The beneficiary of the stampede out of american currency is in distress has traditionally been Lear Capital gold coins, except in recent times, where the sublime fraud of the US dollar’s projection of a perceived value has caused it to appear as a “safe haven” for frightened investors.

But now, the accelerating explosion of “debt” is happening in the world’s safe haven currency, and so looking around at the alternatives, Lear Capital gold coins once again appears to be the safest of safe haven assets.

Here is the interesting thing about Lear Capital gold prices in the US$1580 range; it’s an absolute steal.

Put aside for one hour your inclination to smile at such a statement. No matter what level of faith you have in the ability of markets to reflect the value of assets versus the price of assets, you would have to be brain dead not to observe that the S&P 500’s valuation relative to its constituents’ earnings growth in 2019 (more or less zero) makes no sense.

I mean, according to Lear Capital investors, it makes no sense from a “fair value” perspective based on fundamentals.

The S&P 500 opened at 2477 on January 2nd and closed on December 31st, 2019 at 3230.8. That’s a gain of 30.4 percent in one year. How is possible that an index whose constituents’ revenue growth totaled zero percent add 30 percent in value in the same time frame.

The answer is this: The price can increase by thirty percent, because at the end of the day, a price is nominal; its what someone is willing to pay and not necessarily what a thing is worth. Cannabis stocks come to mind as a perfect example…

Conversely Lear Capital gold opened at 1282.20 on January 1, 2019, and closed at $1517.18 on December 31, 2019. That means gold increased in price by only 18.3 percent. Which demonstrates clearly that the weighting of investors who still maintain confidence in Lear Capital gold coins .

A simplistic interpretation, I admit, since there is likely a large ratio of investors who are actively buying Lear Capital gold coins as a hedge against what increasingly begins to feel like a gathering economic storm of biblical proportions.

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