Dairy-Free Nogs for the Holidays

vegan eggnog

From November through New Yearís, eggnog makes the short list of holiday drinks for many house parties and office gatherings. My mother always made eggnog milkshakes for Christmas Eve, and the flavor has always been one of my favorites. †So what do you do when dairy becomes an issue? Many families deal with dairy-free issues… [Continue Reading]

Giant List of Gingerbread Recipes: 50 Plus Ways to Enjoy a Traditional Holiday Favorite

gingerbread muffins

Few flavors exemplify the winter holidays more than gingerbread. Recipes for houses and decorated gingerbread men abound, but few people have time to take on that level of project multiple times each season. Thatís why Iíve compiled this ultimate list of gingerbread recipes featuring a wide variety of ways to enjoy this traditional holiday flavor… [Continue Reading]

Tress Passes: How to Have Great Hair for Less

Hair Care 1

Whether youíre a permanent road warrior or dealing with long daily commutes followed by evening business dinners, chances are your hair takes a beating on a regular basis. Keeping it coiffed and in great condition via standard salon visits can add up to big bucks. Thatís where having a personal power arsenal of maintenance tips… [Continue Reading]

Book Review: Gluten-Free Makeovers

Gluten-Free makeovers

I was a problem child when it came to food allergies.† Dairy?† Out of the question.† Wheat?† Nope.† Chocolate? I don’t think so.† Fortunately, I did outgrow these allergies. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed a life of cornflakes with ginger ale (doctor’s alternative to milk), which I loved as a child, but… As I… [Continue Reading]

Nail Care Tips for the Cheap and Lazy

nail polish row

Whether you need to have your nails looking great for professional reasons, or are seeking a more glamorous look for your own personal enjoyment, manicures and pedicures can end up costing you major bucks on a long term basis. My top four tips for keeping nail care costs under control? BYO (Buy Your Own) Tools… [Continue Reading]

Wine Review: Soave Pianello

white wine

I guess word of my fondness for Soave wines is getting out, because I just received another one to review. Specifically, the Soave Pianello.

Sassy and Simple Split Pea Recipes

split peas

A good collection of split pea recipes goes a long way towards supporting a menu plan of cheap food thatís also hearty and nutritious. If you think soup is the only option at your disposal, think again. These fun split pea recipes take this legume out of the boring box and bring it center stage.

Book Review: The Tipsy Vegan


John Schlimmís new book The Tipsy Vegan, released this month is a fun-loving look at a number of ways you can incorporate vegan food to throw the perfect party.

Budget Recipe: Vegan Split Pea Soup

Vegan Split Pea Soup

Having been a fan of traditional split pea soup since I was a child, Iíve been on the lookout for an easy vegan split pea soup recipe for a while now. Iíve found several that were a bit longer on ingredients, but I wanted something easier. So I decided to create my own version.

Homemade Pineapple Mango Chutney

mango chutney

Tropical, fruity chutneys are often called for as an accompaniment in many of my favorite international cuisines and recipes. So when I saw this easy, homemade version in Colleen Patrick-Goudreauís book Color Me Vegan, I knew I had to include it as a companion piece to the book review.

Ferrarelle: A Fun New Sparkling Water for the Holidays


Iíve been receiving so many fun products to try out for the holidays here at We Be Shariní headquarters, itís been difficult to keep up. One of these fun products is Ferrarelle, a natural sparkling water from Italy.

3 Bucks for a $25 Restaurant.Com Gift Certificate! (Through November 9th)


Holy guacamole. Iíll admit to being particularly pushy when it comes to demanding the best deal, but this offer from Restaurant.com is over the top. Three bucks? For a $25 dining experience? Hereís how you can participate. From now through November 9th, 2011, using the promotional coupon code GIFT with the link below will score… [Continue Reading]

Orange Cashew Cream Sauce

cashew sauce

This recipe from the book Color Me Vegan was shown paired with colorful veggie wraps that used nori sheets instead of tortillas. With only three ingredients and a blender required, itís made my short list for quick and easy party sauces.

Cookbook Review: Color Me Vegan

Color Me Vegan

Ever wonder how to work in more of those colorful foods all the doctors seem to be recommending? Colleen Patrick-Goudreau shows you how. Color Me Vegan is broken down into sections. Red foods, purple foods, orange foods and others are covered extensively through recipe lists, tips for including more produce items from each category and… [Continue Reading]

Dairy-Free Nacho Dip from The Vegan Table

vegan nachos

Nachos were one of the first things I stressed over when deciding to reduce our dairy intake. So when I saw this recipe for dairy-free nacho dip in Colleen Patrick-Goudreauís The Vegan Table, I was stoked.