8 Ideas for Recycling Old Sweaters

Recycling Old Sweaters

Recycling old sweaters might seem like one of those ideas thatís better in theory than reality. The truth is though, if you have some time on your hands and donít mind getting crafty, there are a fair number of fun projects you can crank out if you happen to have a few of them stacking… [Continue Reading]

French Cooking: Mussels in White Wine

Seaside Marina

Those who love French cooking and seafood will have a taste of both in this recipe celebrating the rustic recipes of Franceís countryside.

10 Secret-Weapon Foods for Going Vegan

Secret Weapon Foods for Going Vegan

Going vegan? Cutting back on animal protein for health reasons? Maybe youíre just a moderate meat eater with a recently discovered dairy intolerance. Whatever your reasons for reducing meat and dairy and moving towards a plant-based diet, going vegan isnít exactly easy.