Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

pumpkin ice cream

  Flickr Photo Credit: J.S. Lander Again, in my quest to collect all things pumpkin, I couldn’t resist a pumpkin ice cream recipe.

Recipes: Individual Apple Pumpkin Desserts


  Flickr Photo Credit: Fleur Design A southern friend of mine made these for a small holiday get together years ago.

Recipes: Impossible Pumpkin Pie


  Flickr Photo Credit: Shelly Ginger I got this one from Quick Cooking Magazine as well. I like it because it’s very similar to another recipe my mother gave me for a custard pie which is mixed in a blender and poured into a pan to bake.

Recipes: Harvest Pumpkin Cheesecake

pumpkin cheesecake

  Flickr Photo Credit: Tracy Hunter I found this one in a recipe book from the Philadelphia cream cheese folks. Pumpkin and cheesecake in one recipe? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Recipes: Pumpkin Waffles

pumpkin waffles

  Flickr Photo Credit: Scuba Dive 67 Found this one while digging through my Mom’s collection of cookbooks.  Waffles are an affordable and elegant breakfast option in their own right. Pairing them with pumpkin just takes things over the top.