6 Easy-to-Grow Herbs That Will Have You Saving in Style


When it comes to pinching pennies, if you can do it yourself, you should. We all know this. However, time is frequently a pretty big factor in whether or not the DIY approach is really an option. Herbs are one of those places that many folks feel it’s easier just to buy at the grocery…. [Continue Reading]

Dogs and Emotions…


There has been debate as to whether or not dogs can actually feel emotions. Older schools of scientific thought have refuted the notion. Now, however, scientists and behaviorists are beginning to undertake studies to prove otherwise. Personally, I have no doubt that dogs can feel a full range of emotions including jealousy, sadness, fear, and… [Continue Reading]

Through a Dog’s Eyes


Did you know that a dog’s vision is not exactly like your own? Dogs are farsighted, which means that they have trouble seeing objects nearest to them, but as a dogs age their ability to see clearly becomes more challenged. You may have noticed that your elderly dog takes more time to recognize you when… [Continue Reading]

Tell Tail Signs: Communicating with Your Pet


Have you ever looked into your pet’s eyes and wondered what they may be feeling? 

Pet Tip / Budget Tip: Affordable Extra Special Treats

pet treats

  Flickr Photo Credit: R. Clock I’ve already posted the Ol’ Roy dinner rounds snack idea, but there are a few others.

Pet Tip / Budget Tip: Ol’ Roy Dinner Rounds


  Flickr Photo Credit: Randy Son of Robert This is another great tip I got from one of the dollar stretcher newsletters ( http://www.stretcher.com) .

Pet Picks: Some Treat Resources From the Web


  Flickr Photo Credit: KM Photography Since we’ll be picking our dogs up soon when we fly back to the states, I wanted to get a heads up on some resources for homemade pet treats.