Product Review: Spring Teas from Kusmi

Bouquet of Flowers Kusmi Tea

While Iíve always been a flavored tea fan, weíve been drinking more and more of it at our house, and saving the French-pressed coffees for the weekend. I know. I never thought it would happen either. We still love our coffee mind you, itís just that for health reasons weíre trying to lean more towards… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Bibigo Korean Foods

Bibigo Korean BBQ Sauces rszd

Being married to a long-time Korean food fan means Iíve always had to search out restaurants and specialty food markets whenever weíve moved, or taken a getaway to a place with an international restaurant scene. Not that I donít enjoy it, too. I do. But my husband is obsessed with it, and we currently have… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Graycliff Chocolate

Graycliff Chocolate

The charmingly elegant Graycliff hotel in Nassau has launched its own line of luxury chocolate, which will soon be produced on site, adding a new jewel to the venueís heavily adorned culinary crown. On a recent visit to this Bahamian treasure, I was able to sample a couple of items from the product line. First,… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Orchard Bars

Orchard Bars Pineapple

When it comes to finding simple ways to survive vegan travel successfully, a good power bar will take you a long way. And while price point and calorie count may keep you from using them for every meal on travel day, having a trusted brand or two to tuck into your daypack for unexpected scheduling… [Continue Reading]

The Flip and Tumble Hooknook: A Fun New Holiday Gift for College Students and Modern Design Fans


The folks over at Flip and Tumble have turned their mod design mojo from shopping bags to tchotchke storage with an interesting new product called a hooknook.

Product Review: Annie Chunís Roasted Seaweed Snacks

seaweed snacks

Having recently launched a quest to research vegan snacks suitable for road trips, I was excited to receive some test samples of Annie Chunís roasted seaweed snacks.

Product Review: I Spirit Vodka

Vodka Collins copy

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new base ingredient for cocktails Ė I Spirit Vodka. I test drove this spirit at an overnight dinner party my husband and I hosted for out-of-town friends. So, what were the results?

Product Review: Nippon Kodo Incense

Nippon Kodo Incense

† † There are so many things to love about Nippon Kodo incense. I first of all love their light, natural aroma. I personally have tried the Ka-fuh in† Aqua and Hinoki and both are calming. These are††made with selected natural and organic ingredients.†The Aqua scent contains cyclamen and primrose and leaves me feeling happy… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Michael Angeloís Eggplant Cutlets

Eggplant Cutlet (Club Store)

Processed food products arenít high on my list of grocery items to buy. I can find just as much convenience in a shrimp and snow pea stir fry as I can a frozen pasta bake. Every once in a while however, I run across something that actually catches my attention.

Treepad Lite – Personal Information Manager


There are more and more reasons to save data digitally with every day that passes.† A belt-and-suspenders approach to traditional note-taking is a good idea.† A solid option for saving items traditionally relegated to a notebook is Treepad.†† There is a more sophisticated paid version and there is a free pared down plain-text version called… [Continue Reading]

doPDF – Free PDF Converter


Anyone who uses a computer as a part of his or her day-to-day life — business or personal — will eventually need to send a printed document to someone via email.† The options are to attach the original document (not advised, usually), a scan of the document (acceptable, but tedious to the sender), or a… [Continue Reading]

Color Cop – A free color picker


This is a tool that is meant for Windows web designers and programmers, but these days, bloggers who support their own blogs in WordPress, for example, are doing a lot of their own site modifications.† Color Cop stays on top and includes an eyedropper to grab a color of interest off any web page.† It… [Continue Reading]

FileZilla – Simple, Secure, Free FTP Protocol


This open source, file transfer protocol (FTP) is my preferred software for this function.† It is available in client and server versions, and it is free.† It runs on several platforms (including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and is available in many languages. One of my favorite things, beyond ease of use, is the… [Continue Reading]

Cool Ruler – A handy measuring tool


You’re looking at a web page and see the size of the image on the page is what you want.† What is that size?† How do you calculate it?† Hold a ruler up to the screen?† Cut and paste into a graphics tool like IrfanView?† Nope.† Get yourself a copy of the very handy Cool… [Continue Reading]

Sexy Peel: A Lush Product Review


I recently had a chance to test drive the sexy peel variety of Lush brand soaps. A little spendy compared to the price I normally like to pay, but definitely a quality soap. Interested in what I thought about it? Read on. Well, like I said this isn’t exactly the most economical soap on the… [Continue Reading]