Gourmet Food Item Giveaway


Kusmi Tea and The California Olive Ranch are partnering up for a holiday giveaway this week on We Be Shariní. Itís easy to enter, and the prize package rocks. Read on. How to Enter: Leave a comment below with your email address. (It wonít be published live. We just need to know how to flag… [Continue Reading]

Laundry Products Give Away Contest

laundry give away pic

Happy Monday, We Be Shariní readers! With all the talk of going green with my laundry this summer, I thought it was high time for a product give away. Read on to find out how you can enter to win some cool great laundry products (including infrastructure like a portable line and clothes basket) this… [Continue Reading]

Kusmi Tea Give Away Contest

kusmi tea

Beat the summer sizzle with freshly-flavored iced tea from Kusmi. Iíve personally had the chance to test drive several of the teas in this particular product line before, and can attest that these are some fun teas to try out. Read on to find out how you can enter to win.

Seventh Generation Cleaning Supplies Give Away and a Chance to Win a Green Home Makeover


Would you love to extend Earth month in your home the whole year round? Iím giving away a Seventh Generation cleaning supplies kit this week on our home living and lifestyle blog.† Leave a comment to enter the contest, and find out how to enter to win a $5,000 green home makeover from Seventh Generation…. [Continue Reading]

Treepad Lite – Personal Information Manager


There are more and more reasons to save data digitally with every day that passes.† A belt-and-suspenders approach to traditional note-taking is a good idea.† A solid option for saving items traditionally relegated to a notebook is Treepad.†† There is a more sophisticated paid version and there is a free pared down plain-text version called… [Continue Reading]

FileZilla – Simple, Secure, Free FTP Protocol


This open source, file transfer protocol (FTP) is my preferred software for this function.† It is available in client and server versions, and it is free.† It runs on several platforms (including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and is available in many languages. One of my favorite things, beyond ease of use, is the… [Continue Reading]

Cool Ruler – A handy measuring tool


You’re looking at a web page and see the size of the image on the page is what you want.† What is that size?† How do you calculate it?† Hold a ruler up to the screen?† Cut and paste into a graphics tool like IrfanView?† Nope.† Get yourself a copy of the very handy Cool… [Continue Reading]