Hashtag Twitter Hacks for Tweetdeck Users


Have you been involved with Twitter for a while now? Ready to take it to the next level with hashtag discussions? Shelly Terrell over at the Teacher Reboot Camp blog has a great post on how to use Tweetdeck to follow those trending and other hashtag topics efficiently. To tell you the truth, this information… [Continue Reading]

Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days: An E-Book Review


Thursday Bram’s new ebook, Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days, is a concise plan of attack for those looking to take their freelance writing career to the next level. At thirteen dollars, this sixty-five page strategy resource has a great deal to offer.

Working From Home: A More Efficient Use of Your Valuable Time


  Flickr Photo Credit: M. Shades Not only is working from home of greater benefit to your clients and employers, it’s of greater benefit to your schedule as well.

Working From Home: Nylons and Nail Polish Add Up to Big Savings

nail polish

  Flickr Photo Credit: Wrestling Entropy Walking out the door to a traditional job can cost big money.

Working From Home: Wear Your Own Work Station With a Service Apron


  Flickr Photo Credit: Phunk Starr Did you ever notice how restaurant personnel seem to be able to juggle many things at once with no desk to speak of?

Working From Home: The Multitasking Power of a Blue Tooth


  Flickr Photo Credit: Thunder Child 5 You won’t often hear me say this about a product, but this thing changed my life.

Working from Home: Carving Out Your Command Center.

home office

Flickr Photo Credit: Arquiteta Movel Most people who work at home find themselves performing tasks in multiple locations, not just behind their desk.

Work From Home: The Fishing Tackle Turned Office Supply Box


  Flickr Photo Credit: Karin Dalziel Last night, I was feeling just plain frustrated with my office supply situation.