Treepad Lite – Personal Information Manager


There are more and more reasons to save data digitally with every day that passes.  A belt-and-suspenders approach to traditional note-taking is a good idea.  A solid option for saving items traditionally relegated to a notebook is Treepad.   There is a more sophisticated paid version and there is a free pared down plain-text version called… [Continue Reading]

doPDF – Free PDF Converter


Anyone who uses a computer as a part of his or her day-to-day life — business or personal — will eventually need to send a printed document to someone via email.  The options are to attach the original document (not advised, usually), a scan of the document (acceptable, but tedious to the sender), or a… [Continue Reading]

X-Sheet Invoicing – Good starter business finance software


X-Sheet Invoicing is a wonderful little financial management application for business developed by the folks at Development-X to show the flexibility and ease of use of their X-Sheet technology.  I use X-Sheet to manage my own consulting finances, although I also use services online to help me with the taxes as eis tax relief online. … [Continue Reading]

Color Cop – A free color picker


This is a tool that is meant for Windows web designers and programmers, but these days, bloggers who support their own blogs in WordPress, for example, are doing a lot of their own site modifications.  Color Cop stays on top and includes an eyedropper to grab a color of interest off any web page.  It… [Continue Reading]

Hashtag Twitter Hacks for Tweetdeck Users


Have you been involved with Twitter for a while now? Ready to take it to the next level with hashtag discussions? Shelly Terrell over at the Teacher Reboot Camp blog has a great post on how to use Tweetdeck to follow those trending and other hashtag topics efficiently. To tell you the truth, this information… [Continue Reading]

Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days: An E-Book Review


Thursday Bram’s new ebook, Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days, is a concise plan of attack for those looking to take their freelance writing career to the next level. At thirteen dollars, this sixty-five page strategy resource has a great deal to offer.

Finding Legal Images

nasa hubble pic

  Photo Credit: Nasa Let’s face it. Not every post or article is on a topic we have home photos kicking around for. upgrade window 2000 to xp? Mindjet MindManager 7 for Mac dvd to pocket pc 1.2.4 inkjet definition oem software Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus The logo creator mega pak 3.6 the sims full… [Continue Reading]

Extreme Savings Article: Another Couple’s Story

money rose

  Flickr Photo Credit: KissThis Are we too frugal, I’ve been wondering lately, as more and more people subtly hint they have absolutely no understanding of our lifestyle?

Just Starting Out: The Power of a Studio Apartment


Flickr Photo Credit: Ninja Poodles Don’t ask me why, but it took me years to accept that these were a good idea.

Hospital Income Insurance


  Flickr Photo Credit: Frazzled Jen This is something we carry on ourselves as a very affordable way to provide financial back up in times of unforeseen medical emergencies.

Money: Degrees of Separation


Flickr Photo Credit: Notratched We’ve all heard about the idea of degrees of separation when it comes to how far removed we are from knowing a particular person. For example, you have a friend who’s aunt works on a committe along with a specific public figure . . . something along those lines. But have… [Continue Reading]

Working From Home: A More Efficient Use of Your Valuable Time


  Flickr Photo Credit: M. Shades Not only is working from home of greater benefit to your clients and employers, it’s of greater benefit to your schedule as well.

Working From Home: Nylons and Nail Polish Add Up to Big Savings

nail polish

  Flickr Photo Credit: Wrestling Entropy Walking out the door to a traditional job can cost big money.

Working From Home: Wear Your Own Work Station With a Service Apron


  Flickr Photo Credit: Phunk Starr Did you ever notice how restaurant personnel seem to be able to juggle many things at once with no desk to speak of?

Working From Home: The Multitasking Power of a Blue Tooth


  Flickr Photo Credit: Thunder Child 5 You won’t often hear me say this about a product, but this thing changed my life.