Helpful Software Programs for Small Business Owners


No one wants to spend money unnecessarily. A person starting a small business is no different. In fact, anytime one can cut costs while keeping quality, it’s really an investment in that business. Still, many people insist on purchasing brand name software to use for their start-ups. It’s not always necessary. With the variety of… [Continue Reading]

Comfort is Key for Successful Telecomuting

Comfort Key When Working from Home

 While you want to have an atmosphere conducive to getting the job done, few professionals new to the telecommuting scene are interested in spending the cash necessary for a fully-remodeled, at-home office suite right out of the gate. There are certainly a number of budget business strategies for budding entrepreneurs to implement in order… [Continue Reading]

6 Simple Tips for a Successful Work-at-Home Experience

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With telecommuting jobs on the rise, and the decision to take on a freelance career becoming increasingly popular, working at home is becoming less of a life-long dream and more of likely reality for many people. It isn’t exactly a cake walk however, and you do need to take this work as seriously as any… [Continue Reading]

Need a Superior Shopping App? Check out These 6 Savvy Solutions

smart phone shopping

Whether you’re headed out to embrace the holiday shopping season or simply looking for a barcode shopping app to rely on throughout the year, choosing one or more that meet your needs will help the entire shopping experience go more smoothly. Here are six savvy suggestions to help you find the shopping app that’s right… [Continue Reading]

Simple Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys


I recently worked in a chiropractor’s office. I usually work from home, but was interested in what drew people to the chiropractor. Beside personal injury, problems resulting from years of bad ‘desk’ habits are common. Exercise Ball This was a revelation to me. I noticed an exercise ball behind the reception desk and asked the… [Continue Reading]

Deals, Coupons and Saving Money!

Saving Money

Researching TrueCouponing has made me realize just what an amazing team of women are running this website. The originator of True Couponing is Kati, a mother of four who home-schools her children. She has a BS degree in Accounting and previously managed a multi million dollar payroll and fixed assets program for Baxter International Health… [Continue Reading]

Money Saving Tips For Shoppers

$aving Money

With prices climbing and unemployment still high, saving money is a priority for most people. One excellent way to save money is with, a website run by three women who started with the premise of saving their families money. They’ve dedicated themselves to sharing their knowledge and money saving expertise with others as their spiritual… [Continue Reading]

TopStyle Lite – Free Style Sheet Software


When I first started getting my feet wet with web design and support, I had trouble understanding style sheets and how they worked. TopStyle Lite — the free, downsized version of TopStyle — was recommended to me as a good visualizing tool. And so it is. The nature of style sheets is evolving, but I… [Continue Reading]

Trillian – A Free Way to Manage Multiple Chat Platforms


Most of my chat contacts use either Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger to chat.  I have email with both, but no desire to have open two chat clients at the same time.  Enter Trillian. It is not the tool of its kind, but I’ve been using it for a long time and have no complaints…. [Continue Reading]

The Joy of Frugality

joy of frugality

The Joy of Frugality: A guest post by Pat Chiappa I love that the word frugal is popping up everywhere. In late 2009, a friend who is a book buyer for a large independent bookstore in our town told me, “Frugal is the new black.” I think he was onto something.

The Gimp – Free Image Manipulation Software


This is some pretty hefty software.  It does everything but tap dance. There is a learning curve, but if you’ve worked before with image manipulation software, you already have a leg up.

The Well Fed Writer: Special Feature on Peter Bowerman


Three months ago I learned about Peter Bowerman and his book The Well Fed Writer. He has become a commercial freelance expert, with his experience, freelance history, ebook, ezine, seminars and teleseminars.

Passive Income Sources for Writers: An E-Book Review


Think writing is a personal easy pass to overnight success? Think again. You can make a decent living at it however, if you use your writing skills to develop a variety of products that will produce passive income for you in the long term.

Part Two of The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered

work from home

This is part two in a series of The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered.

The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered

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This is part one of a two part series on The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered.