Is Loft-Style Decorating Right for Your Home?

loft daylight basement lead pic

While the look may not fit in your typical mid-west farm kitchen, there are several situations where using the loft style of home decorating can work. Even if you don’t live in the middle of an urban metropolis. Read on.

The Mandoline: Slicing Made Easy


I’ve worked in restaurants off and on since I was a teenager.  As a result, I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing consistent sizes when slicing anything.  Then, I was given the gift of a Mandoline Slicer. I love this contraption!  Now, any dish I prepare that is best served by consistenly sized veggies (e.g., pickle… [Continue Reading]

Yard Larder: Dandelion Flower


Where I live, in rural Maine, the dandelion is not viewed as a yard intruder.  We don’t mind wildflowers popping up in our yards.  I shouldn’t speak for everyone, I guess, but I certainly don’t mind. I think they’re pretty, and thanks to a friend, see the flowers as a tasty appetizer, too. Eat dandelion… [Continue Reading]

Downsizing Clutter Sanely


This is part two  in series on downsizing clutter. I admit the process of downsizing and removing clutter can be daunting. Yes, let’s be honest. Your clutter didn’t accumulate overnight and it’s not going to depart your house in one night either. It’s a step by step process. How can you  sanely downsize clutter and those excess… [Continue Reading]

Downsizing Your Clutter

Cleaning The Attic of Clutter

This is part one of a two part series on downsizing clutter with a purpose.

Keeping String, Twine and Ribbon Organized


  Flickr Photo Credit: Lainey’s Repertoire Need to keep those crafting and gift wrapping supplies under control? Finding some of these items to be the most challenging?

Home Organizing Notebooks

home organizing notebook

  Flickr Photo Credit: Dan4th  I started posting on this a while ago . . . the idea of having a reference manual for the running of your home on a regular and emergency basis.

Helpful Hints: Organizing Your Sheets

organizing sheets

  Flickr Photo Credit: Melissago  OK, I admit it. I’m no Martha Stewart when it comes to folding bed linens. In fact, for years I’ve struggled not only with folding those fitted sheets, but with keeping all of my sheets organized so I can easily grab a set when I need to make a bed…. [Continue Reading]

Helpful Hints: A Great List of Hints from My Mother-In-Law

helpful hints

Flickr Photo Credit: Karindalziel These just came in an email from my husband’s mother. She knows I’ve been posting a bunch of hints on the blog, there are some really neat ones here that I’ve never heard before.

Helpful Hints: What You Can Do with Rubbing Alcohol

rubbing alcohol

  Flickr Photo Credit: L. Marie There are a ton of things you can do with rubbing alcohol. Is this news to you? Read on.

Budget Tip: Cold Water Laundry


  Flickr Photo Credit: Yves Lorson Very rarely do we use hot water on our laundry.

Helpful Hints: Dating Canned Goods

canned goods

  Flickr Photo Credit: Indigo Goat I honestly don’t know why I’ve never done this before, but when the idea was dropped into my lap the other day, it made perfect sense. 

Helpful Hints: Dealing With Hard Butter


  Flickr Photo Credit: Basykes Ran across this little tip while recipe questing at a friend’s home. 

Budget Tip: Give a Hoot – Remember to Dilute!


  Flickr Photo Credit: Gregg Oconnell I think we all forget to do this from time to time when things get hectic at home. That being said, whether you are a life-long penny pincher or just need to get your family through a hard time, diluting products is a powerful, super-easy way to get the… [Continue Reading]

Budget Tip: Power-Packed Dishwashing Liquid


  Flickr Photo Credit: Ninja Poodles I learned this trick from my Mother-in-law during a recent visit.