More Do It Yourself Pot Rack Ideas

pot rack

  Flickr Photo Credit: Trebz Most of these are more expensive than the ones I’ve made myself, but they are creative. You may be able to modify these ideas yourself to save even more money. Since my first post on making your own pot racks got a phenomenal amount of views in the first few… [Continue Reading]

Budget Decorating: Using Old Doors

old door

  Flickr Photo Credit: Visulogik I have seen numerous ideas over the years using old doors creatively for decorating. As we are getting ready to remodel / rebuild at the lake, I have been searching for even more ideas in order to save as many features as possible from the old cottage to incorporate into… [Continue Reading]

Budget Decorating Idea: The Ten Dollar Pot Rack


  Actually, it was less than ten dollars, but close enough.

Extreme Budget Tips: Homemade Cleaning Products to the Rescue


  Flickr Photo Credit: Givepeasachance It’s difficult to believe there are still people who don’t know this is possible. But it’s true. I was one of them.