6 Easy-to-Grow Herbs That Will Have You Saving in Style


When it comes to pinching pennies, if you can do it yourself, you should. We all know this. However, time is frequently a pretty big factor in whether or not the DIY approach is really an option. Herbs are one of those places that many folks feel it’s easier just to buy at the grocery…. [Continue Reading]

Five Homegrown Pet Toys


Dogs and cats are a lot like children. Buy them a new toy, and they’d rather play with the box. Keeping that in mind, there are some easy options in your home for entertaining your pet without spending a fortune… or anything at all, in some cases. The first is tug toys. Most dogs like… [Continue Reading]

Some Different Ideas for DIY Christmas GIfts


Homemade gifts are not just the less expensive option for ‘trying times’. Speaking for myself, I truly appreciate a handmade gift. It doesn’t matter if it’s edible, wearable, or displayable. I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a homemade gift.  The converse is also true. I’d rather make gifts than scour the malls… [Continue Reading]

Color Cop – A free color picker


This is a tool that is meant for Windows web designers and programmers, but these days, bloggers who support their own blogs in WordPress, for example, are doing a lot of their own site modifications.  Color Cop stays on top and includes an eyedropper to grab a color of interest off any web page.  It… [Continue Reading]

Zip Genius – a file compression option


ZipGenius is a file compression tool that is a perfect companion to anyone’s PC tool box.  Sending 10 full sized images and your email client is grousing?  Compress the images into one file that’s smaller than the sum of it’s parts, and email will be better able to handle those images.   Need to offload some… [Continue Reading]

FileZilla – Simple, Secure, Free FTP Protocol


This open source, file transfer protocol (FTP) is my preferred software for this function.  It is available in client and server versions, and it is free.  It runs on several platforms (including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and is available in many languages. One of my favorite things, beyond ease of use, is the… [Continue Reading]

Preserve Your Family History by Digitally Archiving Old Documents

old photo

  Flickr Photo Credit: Beachut  Hand written recipe cards, old journals, immigration documents, awards, old newspaper clippings . . . these are all things that can be digitally preserved.

Make a Teen or Home Bulletin Board from an Old Window

old window

  Flickr Photo Credit: Dazzie D Have an old window kicking around without the glass panes? Looking for a “put it to use” project?

Multi – Purpose Seating and Storage

storage bench

  Flickr Photo Credit: Daxiang Stef Looking for some fun and frugal seating ideas? Needing all the storage you can find? This post should help.

Decorating: Easy and Affordable Kitchen Islands


Flickr Photo Credit: Jef Poskanzer We have an old Coca Cola soda cooler. The kind that sits on the floor and opens from the top. When we start to build our new place, we are going to have it sandblasted, repainted, fitted with castor wheels and putting a larger stainless steel wrapped table top on… [Continue Reading]

Decorating on a Budget: Frugal and Fun Shelving Ideas


Flickr Photo Credit: B. Frahm Since storage, display space and decorating seem to go hand in hand when you’re on a budget, who doesn’t need ideas for shelving solutions?

Budget Decorating Ideas: New Ideas for Old Bureaus


  Flickr Photo Credit: Photo-Mojo If you’ve recently inherited an old set of dresser drawers or picked one up at a thrift store / dump, you may be wondering what to do with it.  Depending on the style of the piece, numerous options are available to you.

Budget Decorating Ideas: Some Great DIY Projects


  Flickr Photo Credit: Thor-Erik Rodland If I see unique items that are outside the mainstream, I like to document them for possible future use.

Budget Decorating Ideas: New Uses for Old Shutters


  Flickr Photo Credit: Delgaudm These things have tons of character, and are usually available for next to nothing at tag sales and salvage yards.

Budget Decorating Ideas: Uses for Old Pallets


  Flickr Photo Credit: Tim Parkinson A design idea popped into my head one day. Two wooden pallets sanded and spray painted black, then attached end to end to form a long dining room table top. The base  could be either the X-shaped or basic legs design. Add a piece of beveled glass to the… [Continue Reading]