Budget Decorating: Ideas for Creative Affordable Backsplashes


  Photo Credit: Ddaarryynn  The area behind your stove and above your counters takes a lot of abuse. It also tends to be neglected as a functional storage area.

Budget Decorating Idea: Dealing With Wood Paneling


  Flickr Photo Credit: Vegan Straight Edge As my husband and I have spent a great deal of time looking at potential income rental properties, or fixer-uppers to flip for profit, I’ve run across a great deal of that ugly old wood paneling that was so popular a few decades ago.

Budget Decorating Idea: Dramatic Doors as Wall Art

door art

  Flickr Photo Credit: Darwin Bell The incorporation of a dramatic entry way has been discussed many times in decorating circles. While I agree it’s a simple thing to incorporate, that’s not the type of door art I want to discuss today.

Budget Decorating Idea: Pull It Together With Color


  Flickr Photo Credit: Jurek D. If most of your pieces come from generous relatives, yard sales, thrift stores or the good ol’ garbage dump, the easiest way to pull together a cohesive look is with color.

Budget Decorating Idea: Embrace the Loft Look


Flickr Photo Credit: T. Board Looking for bang up  style on a major budget? Major options are available to you with the loft style of decorating.

Budget Decorating Idea: Get Creative With Flea Market Silverware


  Flickr Photo Credit: Randy Read I’ve read about and seen numerous ideas for this stuff over the years. Finally, I’ve decided to sit down and compile a list for future use.

Budget Decorating Idea: New Life for Old Sewing Machine Bases

sewing base

  Flickr Photo Credit: Unkown Artist (I apologize. I can’t read the language his name is written in. ) One of the coolest ideas I’ve seen for these was at a hostel and restaurant we stayed at in Thailand.

Budget Decorating Idea: Save Those Old Canning Jars

canning jar

  Flickr Photo Credit: Super Fantastic These things have so much character, which is one of the main reasons I like to use them in my home decor.

Budget Decorating: The Travel Theme

travel decorating

  Photo Credit: HGTV David and I love to travel, and home decor items with a global feel really appeal to us. Some ideas?

Budget Decorating Ideas: Some neat links

budget decorating

  Flickr Photo Credit: Elle Rigby When searching around for some unique and affordable ideas for our summer home, I found these three links.