How to Inexpensively Redecorate a Childís Room

Child room

If you are getting ready to, or are in the process of decorating your kidís room, then you need to read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss inexpensive options and ideas that will delight your kids, and be friendly to your wallet! The Bed If you are setting your children up to share a room, the… [Continue Reading]

6 Easy-to-Grow Herbs That Will Have You Saving in Style


When it comes to pinching pennies, if you can do it yourself, you should. We all know this. However, time is frequently a pretty big factor in whether or not the DIY approach is really an option. Herbs are one of those places that many folks feel it’s easier just to buy at the grocery…. [Continue Reading]

Giant List of Ideas for Gifts in a Jar (More Than 26 Unique Ways to Show You Care!)

Gifts in a Jar

In addition to creative lamps and simple blender drinks, one of the most popular uses for canning jars is to use them to house homemade gifts. Gifts in a jar are affordable, thoughtful and a great activity for the kiddos to be involved in. In short, they are incredibly useful when trying to be generous… [Continue Reading]

Is Loft-Style Decorating Right for Your Home?

loft daylight basement lead pic

While the look may not fit in your typical mid-west farm kitchen, there are several situations where using the loft style of home decorating can work. Even if you donít live in the middle of an urban metropolis. Read on.

Best Gift Cards and Restaurants for Vegan Fast Food

Vegan Fast Food Feature Pic

With more and more people being directed to a plant-based diet by their doctors these days, and the†demand for cheap, fast food moving ahead with gusto in North America, vegan fast food options are becoming more of a priority.

Give the Gift of Reading Any Time of the Year

gift of reading

Whether itís graduation time, Fatherís Day, Christmas or a loved oneís birthday, itís always appropriate to give the gift of reading. Young learners, and lifelong readers alike appreciate presents that celebrate the written word.

From Grilling Aprons to Kitchen Tongs, the Best Grilling Gifts for Backyard Cooking Enthusiasts

Grilling at summer weekend

Grilling gifts are the perfect choice for backyard cooking enthusiasts. Whether itís a set of his and her grilling aprons or a pair of kitchen tongs (more on why I prefer them to BBQ tongs later), having the proper grilling tools keeps things streamlined and efficient. If youíve got presents to purchase this summer, and… [Continue Reading]

Tailgating Menu Stress Bringing You Down? Best Tailgate Menu Ideas for Vegans, Vegetarians and Carnivores

Hot Dog with Baked Beans and Potato Salad

Coming up with a few tailgate menu ideas might seem simple enough. Until you sit down to plan the logistics of what needs to be prepared, how youíll handle the power supply and oh yeah . . . clean up. For extra fun, you may have decided itís a good idea to provide a flexible… [Continue Reading]

Classy Presents on a Budget: Consider a Wine Club Gift

Cellars Wine Club Picture

If youíre looking for a gift idea thatís above par yet meets your budget requirements, consider a wine club gift. They come in all price ranges, including one I just found that sends your friend or loved one a new and interesting variety every month for less than twenty bucks per bottle. The wine club… [Continue Reading]

Cream of Carrot Soup


I was not completely sold on the idea of carrot soup when I first heard it.† I gave it a try, though, and it quick became one of my favorite soups.† I’m partial to it in the fall, probably because of carrot harvest, but it is light enough to be on your table year round…. [Continue Reading]

Dogs and Emotions…


There has been debate as to whether or not dogs can actually feel emotions. Older schools of scientific thought have refuted the notion. Now, however, scientists and behaviorists are beginning to undertake studies to prove otherwise. Personally, I have no doubt that dogs can feel a full range of emotions including jealousy, sadness, fear, and… [Continue Reading]

Five Homegrown Pet Toys


Dogs and cats are a lot like children. Buy them a new toy, and they’d rather play with the box. Keeping that in mind, there are some easy options in your home for entertaining your pet without spending a fortune… or anything at all, in some cases. The first is tug toys. Most dogs like… [Continue Reading]

Through a Dog’s Eyes


Did you know that a dog’s vision is not exactly like your own? Dogs are farsighted, which means that they have trouble seeing objects nearest to them, but as a dogs age their ability to see clearly becomes more challenged. You may have noticed that your elderly dog takes more time to recognize you when… [Continue Reading]

Spiced Roasted Almonds

roasted almonds

Need a great hostess or holiday gift and donít have a ton of money to spend? Try these roasted almonds as an alternative to the usual sugary fare.

Some Different Ideas for DIY Christmas GIfts


Homemade gifts are not just the less expensive option for ‘trying times’. Speaking for myself, I truly appreciate a handmade gift. It doesn’t matter if it’s edible, wearable, or displayable. I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a homemade gift.† The converse is also true. I’d rather make gifts than scour the malls… [Continue Reading]