Creating a Healing Environment: Sounds of Silence

sound therapy

  Flickr Photo Credit: Christiane Michaud While a peaceful rest area is always helpful, there are times when the healing element of sound can be beneficial.

Creating a Healing Environment: Hang it On the Wall and Call it Art


  Flickr Photo Credit: Blue Modern Looking to spruce up a friend’s recovery area? Consider loaning or creating a particular piece of art to be a focal point of the room.

Creating a Healing Environment: A Room With a View


  Flickr Photo Credit: Wili Hybrid     The healing effects of a positive environment have been acknowledged throughout history. Looking for a way to provide a room with an inspirational and healing view?

Creating a Healing Environment: The Sage Advice of Ancient Wisdom


  Flickr Photo Credit: Sukanto Debnath Regardless of any person’s spiritual beliefs, comforting words from the religious text(s) of their chosen faith, or indigenous proverbs from their particular cultural group can go a long way to providing comfort and the opportunity for reflection during the treatment and recovery periods.

Making it Happen: A Cajun Healing Soup

spicy tomato

  Flickr Photo Credit: Adactio Cooking is one affordable way to “Make it Happen” when it comes to budgeting for the option to stay home and care for a family member. Looking for a simple “feel better” soup to serve your loved one?

Creating a Healing Environment: Jungle Love


  Flickr Photo Credit: McKay Savage     Looking to pull out all the stops in your efforts to provide long term care? Don’t forget a little jungle love. 

Educational Support for Long Term Care Situations


  Flickr Photo Credit: Via Gallery Long term care and recovery can cause issues with educational support, not just for the children who are in long term care themselves, but for children who have an older family member with a long term care issue, and may need to change to a homeschool situation in order… [Continue Reading]

Budget Tip: Recycled Clothing


  Flickr Photo Credit: Sunshine City Besides shopping at thrift stores and yard sales to clothe your family in the traditional way (simply wearing the second-hand garments), these clothes can be recycled in other ways that a person with sewing skills will be able to pull off with ease.

Extreme Budget Tip: Spray Conditioning Treatment

spray bottle

  Flickr Photo Credit: Horrible Cherry I found this idea at . We’ve been using it on our around the world trip and it works great!

Extreme Budget Tips: Toiletries


  Flickr Photo Credit: Lawn Meadow I know this is an extremely expensive area of the household budget. When I was first searching for ways to cut back on this category, these were some of the ideas I was able to put to use immediately.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

  Flickr Photo Credit: Moria Love the convenience, but hate the price? This stuff is cheap and easy to make.