6 Easy-to-Grow Herbs That Will Have You Saving in Style


When it comes to pinching pennies, if you can do it yourself, you should. We all know this. However, time is frequently a pretty big factor in whether or not the DIY approach is really an option. Herbs are one of those places that many folks feel it’s easier just to buy at the grocery…. [Continue Reading]

School of Montreal Analysts Suggest Cashews May Treat Type Two Diabetes


New research published for the journal on Molecular Nutrition and Food Research implies the cashew seed’s extract may play an important role in preventing and treating diabetic issues.

Cholesterol Lowering Breakfast Smoothie

breakfast smoothie

  Flickr Photo Credit: Joi My Dad uses this one that was doctor recommended as a nutritional method for reducing cholesterol.

Recipes: Anti-Cancer Marinade

anti cancer marinade

  Flickr Photo Credit: Rick I came across this somewhere when researching ideas to use with my husband’s parents, who both were undergoing cancer treatment at the same time.

Creating a Healing Environment: The Good Humor Man

funny dog

  Flickr Photo Credit: Nogg3r5 The healing benefits of laughter are well known. If you have a friend, loved one or family member in need of recovery and “mood enhancement”, consider the medicinal gift of humor.

Creating a Healing Environment: You’ve Got Mail


  Flickr Photo Credit: S.C. Bailey The power of human interaction is almost beyond comprehension when it comes to long term recovery or heaven forbid, dealing with a terminal illness.

Creating a Healing Environment: Aromatherapy


  Flickr Photo Credit: Furry Scaly With some patients, this may not be appropriate. But for many, it is.

Creating a Healing Environment: Elements of Style – Incorporating Color Into Your Loved One’s Healing Oasis

color healing

     Flickr Photo Credit: One by Jude     Most of us probably agree that day in and day out of drab walls and linens inhibits anyone’s mood, regardless of whether they are ill or not. Those dealing with a serious disease need their spirits lifted even more.

Creating a Healing Environment: She Gave Me Water


  Flickr Photo Credit: Woute R. Incorporating the water element into your healing oasis is a powerful aid in establishing the proper attitude for recovery.

Creating a Healing Environment: Let There Be Light


  Flickr Photo Credit: Ishrona Lighting elements can also be extremely beneficial to those in a situation of long term healing.

Creating a Healing Environment: Sounds of Silence

sound therapy

  Flickr Photo Credit: Christiane Michaud While a peaceful rest area is always helpful, there are times when the healing element of sound can be beneficial.

Creating a Healing Environment: Hang it On the Wall and Call it Art


  Flickr Photo Credit: Blue Modern Looking to spruce up a friend’s recovery area? Consider loaning or creating a particular piece of art to be a focal point of the room.

Creating a Healing Environment: A Room With a View


  Flickr Photo Credit: Wili Hybrid     The healing effects of a positive environment have been acknowledged throughout history. Looking for a way to provide a room with an inspirational and healing view?

Creating a Healing Environment: The Sage Advice of Ancient Wisdom


  Flickr Photo Credit: Sukanto Debnath Regardless of any person’s spiritual beliefs, comforting words from the religious text(s) of their chosen faith, or indigenous proverbs from their particular cultural group can go a long way to providing comfort and the opportunity for reflection during the treatment and recovery periods.

Making it Happen: A Cajun Healing Soup

spicy tomato

  Flickr Photo Credit: Adactio Cooking is one affordable way to “Make it Happen” when it comes to budgeting for the option to stay home and care for a family member. Looking for a simple “feel better” soup to serve your loved one?