Happy Hour Friday: Long Island Iced Tea Edition

long island iced tea

This is definitely a “take the car keys from your guests” type of cocktail, or one to serve when all of your guests live within walking distance.

Happy Hour Friday: Champagne and Sherbet Punch Edition

champagne punch

Got a bridal shower coming up at work? This simple punch recipe is perfect for a low-stress office gathering.

Happy Hour Friday: Havana Cocktail Edition

Havana Cocktail

For this week’s happy hour cocktail recipe, we’re continuing to embrace the steamy weather with drink from old Havana.

Happy Hour Friday: The Honolulu Cocktail Edition

Hawaiian Cocktail Hour

It’s that time again. Friday. In need of  inspiration for this week’s get together with friends? Check out this cocktail recipe celebrating the islands of Hawaii.

Happy Hour Friday: Wine and Cheese Edition

Grana Padano

Getting together with friends after work today? Feeling the pinch of a busy schedule and the summer heat? Consider one of these simple pairings for today’s happy hour with friends menu.

Happy Hour Friday: The Whiskey Cobbler Edition

Whiskey Cobbler

It’s Happy Hour Friday again, and we’ve rounded up a simple new cocktail for you to try. Whiskey Cobbler. Here’s how to make one.

Happy Hour Friday: The Cherry Cooler Edition

Cherry cooler

Socializing with colleagues after work? This simple happy hour menu is sure to suit.

Happy Hour Friday: The Frozen Matador Edition

Frozen Matador

Tequila fans who love to beat the heat with frozen cocktails will love this week’s carnival edition. Check out this recipe for a frozen drink with a Spanish twist.

Happy Hour Friday: The Sunburn Edition

Sunburn cocktail post

In honor of the summer heat wave much of the country is seeing right now, this week’s Happy Hour Friday edition features a cocktail called the sunburn.

Happy Hour Friday Premier Edition: Simple Sangria

happy hour friday

Welcome to the first weekly Happy Hour Friday cocktail carnival here at We Be Sharin’!  We work hard all week, and each deserve a chance to unwind a bit as Friday afternoon rolls around. With this in mind, we’re launching this weekly happy hour event where bloggers on any topic are welcome to come and… [Continue Reading]

Happy Hour Friday: A Guide for Newcomers


This introduction to Happy Hour Friday provides the basic (and easy) ground rules for weekly participation.