Going Green With Old Fashioned Safety Razors

safety razor

Flickr Photo Credit: Joebeone We put out the word we were looking for a good place to pick up the old fashioned safety razors so we could start buying only the packages of the razor blades themselves, rather than the plastic disposable handles that normally go along with them. We wanted to do this for… [Continue Reading]

Going Green: Thai Mineral Salt Deodorant Stick

salt crystal

  Flickr Photo Credit: Geisha Boy 500 We came across this when searching at the health food store for something that would last a long time and would not take up a lot of space in our gear during the upcoming around the world trek.

Going Green: Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags


  Photo Credit: Hannaford.Com We recently purchased some great green grocery bags at our local Hannaford store. They are the best design I’ve ever seen for this type of bag.

Going Green in the Bedroom: Sustainable Options for Your Sex Life and Personal Care


  Flickr Photo Credit: Wagner Lemes I’ve posted on this topic somewhat in my previous post on alternative feminine care. Interestingly enough, there are entire category postings out there on the net relating to green alternatives in the bedroom and personal care arenas.

Going Green: Reusable Coffee Filters

traditional coffee filter

Flickr Photo Credit: Power Book Trance How’d you like to help the planet and never have to run out of coffee filters again?

Going Green With Travel Tampons and Other Feminine Alternatives


  Flickr Photo Credit: Cosmic Kitty I originally posted this article on our travel blog under the title “Finding Tampons on the Road Less Traveled and Other Menstrual Miracles”.

Streamlining Your Compost Production


Flickr Photo Credit: Joi If you’ve never composted before, the process of incorporating the system into your home can be a bit daunting.

Sew An Ecofriendly Tea Bag

diy tea bag

  Photo Credit: Craft Leftovers Here’s another great idea I just found while searching the net.

Make Your Own Biodegradable Seedling Pots


  Photo Credit: Eric in Japan on Geocities I just found this by accident while researching something else. It was far too cool an idea not to post.

More Yurt Links


  Flickr Photo Credit: Diamond Mountain Spent some time researching during our trip and found additional links for checking out the yurt option yourself. Here they are:

New Uses for Old Athletic Socks

tube socks

  Flickr Photo Credit: Annie Mole Thought sport socks were just for running? 

Giving up Paper Towels

paper towels

  Flickr Photo Credit: Ninja Poodles Think you’re ready to take the plunge?

My House Is a Shipping Container and Other Odd Statements


  Flickr Photo Credit: Rolu Dsgn A bit out there? Perhaps. But people are doing it, and as alternative housing goes, this idea can be quite cheap.

Yurt Slideshows


  Flickr Photo Credit: Katmere After compiling more resources than I can count from the internet and only being able to access the slideshow from our hard drive or a disk on our dvd player at home, I finally begged David to compile them into slideshows that met the size requirements for youtube.com postings.

Compilation of Yurt Research


  Flickr Photo Credit: Emdot Several of you have shown interest in this topic, and we’ve compiled a fair amount of information. Below, I’ve pasted in our general word document.