Book Review: The Complete Yurt Handbook

complete yurt handbook

  Photo Credit: Amazon The Complete Yurt Handbook, by Paul King was a title that I ran across repeatedly when doing my online yurt research a few years back. With all of the rave reviews, and the fact that we’ve been looking into yurts so seriously, I felt we needed to pick up a copy… [Continue Reading]

Yurt Cost Comparison

yurt comp

  Photo Credit: Yurts.Com Good morning! I ran across  a hand written chart this week that David and I had compiled a couple of years ago when comparing the cost of the type of yurt we wanted between several different companies.

Alternative Energy Building Resources


  Flickr Photo Credit: Lolly Pop This will be a rather rough, unedited post. I’m in the middle of collecting information for when we actually are able to build. We want to include as many green strategies as possible.

More Yurt Links


  Flickr Photo Credit: Diamond Mountain Spent some time researching during our trip and found additional links for checking out the yurt option yourself. Here they are:

My House Is a Shipping Container and Other Odd Statements


  Flickr Photo Credit: Rolu Dsgn A bit out there? Perhaps. But people are doing it, and as alternative housing goes, this idea can be quite cheap.

Yurt Slideshows


  Flickr Photo Credit: Katmere After compiling more resources than I can count from the internet and only being able to access the slideshow from our hard drive or a disk on our dvd player at home, I finally begged David to compile them into slideshows that met the size requirements for postings.

Compilation of Yurt Research


  Flickr Photo Credit: Emdot Several of you have shown interest in this topic, and we’ve compiled a fair amount of information. Below, I’ve pasted in our general word document.