Agritourism and Aromatherapy at White Oak Lavender Farm

White Oak Lavender Farm Window Art

A day trip to the White Oak Lavender Farm is one of many fun things to do in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Owned and operated by Julie and Rick Haushalter, the farm offers tours, lectures, workshops and a relaxing environment from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

Earth Day Special: Planet-Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Disposable Paper Products

Earth Day Toilet Tissue

Traditional disposable paper products make a huge dent in our planetís health. Not only could we easily use fewer of them, itís really not a problem switching to more planet-friendly options for those products we do need to use. Here are three basic ways to be a little more conscientious when it comes to disposable… [Continue Reading]

8 Ideas for Recycling Old Sweaters

Recycling Old Sweaters

Recycling old sweaters might seem like one of those ideas thatís better in theory than reality. The truth is though, if you have some time on your hands and donít mind getting crafty, there are a fair number of fun projects you can crank out if you happen to have a few of them stacking… [Continue Reading]

Summer Laundry Challenge: Part One

Summer Laundry

Recently, a laundry products company approached me about blogging up a laundry challenge here on We Be Shariní. The challenge? Go greener in the laundry department. Here are the details.

Planting Memory Trees

memory trees

† Flickr Photo Credit: Jan Tik This is a great way to add to your landscaping and memorialize special events in an affordable way.

The Benefits of Old Fashioned Bandanas


† Flickr Photo Credit: My Boy Dodger Looking for some fun ways to go green with cloth?

Produce Preservation Without Paper Towels

fabric produce bag

† Photo Credit: Wisdom of the Moon While I’ve known for years that putting a paper towel or two in with bags of lettuce and other produce absorbed extra moisture and prevented early spoilage, I became concerned over the unnecessary use of the paper products.

Book Review: The Complete Yurt Handbook

complete yurt handbook

† Photo Credit: Amazon The Complete Yurt Handbook, by Paul King was a title that I ran across repeatedly when doing my online yurt research a few years back. With all of the rave reviews, and the fact that we’ve been looking into yurts so seriously, I felt we needed to pick up a copy… [Continue Reading]

Yurt Cost Comparison

yurt comp

† Photo Credit: Yurts.Com Good morning! I ran across† a hand written chart this week that David and I had compiled a couple of years ago when comparing the cost of the type of yurt we wanted between several different companies.

Alternative Energy Building Resources


† Flickr Photo Credit: Lolly Pop This will be a rather rough, unedited post.†I’m in the middle of collecting information for when we actually are able to build. We want to include as many green strategies as possible.

Going Green: Giving New Life to Old Fabrics Through Tie-Dye


† Flickr Photo Credit: PSD Children of all ages love tie-dye, and it’s a great way to give new life to old fabrics.

Going Green: A Great Project Idea for an Old CD


† Photo Credit: HP.Com I was researching another topic and ran across this great idea for turning old CD’s into clocks!

Tackling Garden Ideas Through a Recycled Boat Dock

boat dock frame

Photo Credit: WeBeSharin.Com Today, amidst the rest of the unpacking and settling in hubbub, David tore apart the old boat dock that has been taking up lawn space. It was really not in the condition to keep using, and we are not planning on having a large boat here anyway. The pedal boat and canoe… [Continue Reading]

Recycle Those Plastic Grocery Bags

plastic bag

† Flickr Photo Credit: How Can I Recycle This This is really a no-brainer. Something simple you can do to incorporate more planetary awareness into your life. . . and it won’t cost you a dime.

Going Green and Saving Money

going green

† Flickr Photo Credit: Obbino Yes, it is possible. I know many of the information out there is about high end products you can support the movement with by spending your money on. But there are many things you can do to keep your family budget on track and still help out the planet.