Helpful Software Programs for Small Business Owners


No one wants to spend money unnecessarily. A person starting a small business is no different. In fact, anytime one can cut costs while keeping quality, it’s really an investment in that business. Still, many people insist on purchasing brand name software to use for their start-ups. It’s not always necessary. With the variety of… [Continue Reading]

Is Loft-Style Decorating Right for Your Home?

loft daylight basement lead pic

While the look may not fit in your typical mid-west farm kitchen, there are several situations where using the loft style of home decorating can work. Even if you donít live in the middle of an urban metropolis. Read on.

Looking for Good Mineral Makeup? A Mineral Hygienics Review and Commentary

mineral hygienics

Good mineral makeup is worth its weight (or more) in gold. It provides chemical-free coverage, comes with a built-in SPF and actually looks natural as opposed to other cosmetic products that just say they do. I wanted to do a Mineral Hygienics review after hearing about their products, as they have no bismuth oxychloride (which… [Continue Reading]

Caribbean Eggplant Spread


† Searching for something smashing to serve your vegan dinner guests? Love eggplant and all the versatility it offers? This flexible savory spread is for you.