Cajun Spice


Photo by McKay Savage Whenever I’m making a recipe and come across an ingredient that is really a LOT of ingredients, I know the options are few. There’s the costly option, buy some quantity of the combined product for much more than the sum of its parts, or make my own.  Whenever I can, I… [Continue Reading]

A Great Way to Re-heat Pizza!

reheated pizza

  Flickr Photo Credit: Virtual Ern Tired of microwave rubberized pizza slices? Here’s a new solution.

Make Your Own Mixture for Greased and Floured Pans


  Flickr Photo Credit: Pikaluk Looking to save some time on those holiday and special occasion baking days?

Helpful Hint: The Kitchen Sink Scrub Brush

kitchen sink scrub brush

  Flickr Photo Credit: Eggybird A friend showed me this, and I’m following her lead. Curious if this approach is for you?

Household Tip: Saving Money on Food Storage Buckets

food buckets

  Flickr Photo Credit: Karpacious White plastic food storage buckets go for big bucks on web sites that sell bulk dry goods. But here’s a tip a friend of mine got when picking apples at a family farm in Arizona.

Helpful Hint: Camping With Canned Cheese

camping cheese

  Flickr Photo Credit: Noah Bulgaria As we’ve been settling in at the lake cottage with a smaller than usual fridge and no larger freezer, we’ve been looking at ways to maintain our sanity in addition to our frugality.

Budget Tip: Survival Mode Produce List


Flickr Photo Credit: Rick We all know how easy it is to destroy a month’s grocery budget in one short trip down the produce aisle, particularly in the United States.

Extreme Budget Tip: Make Your Own Dry Mixes


  Flickr Photo Credit: Ninja Poodles Don’t have time to make cakes, pizza dough, muffins and pie crusts from scratch every time the need arises? Neither do I.

Ground Peppermint Sticks

candy cane

Flickr Photo Credit: Tanakawho This one is more of a tip than a recipe.

Frozen Ginger Root: Another Tip From the Nan-ster

ginger root

  Flickr Photo Credit: Vieux Bandit Ginger root isn’t exactly cheap, and if you don’t use it quickly it can dry up and shrivel away. The solution?

Ice Cube Tray Savings

ice cube trays

  Flickr Photo Credit: Old Sarge Just upgraded your fridge to one of those fancy models with the built in ice makers? Don’t throw away your ice cube trays! In fact, you may want to hit some yard sales to stock up on your supply.