40 Fab Eggplant Recipes


If youíre new to plant-based dining or simply love unusual eggplant recipes, this articleís for you. From spicy Caribbean party spreads to an aubergine dessert from the Amalfi Coast, Iíve found 40 fab dishes to please the palette. 1. Spicy Caribbean Spread This Caribbean eggplant spread is spicy, colorful and spreads easily onto toasted bread… [Continue Reading]

50 Fun Rhubarb Recipes for Summer

rhubarb tarts

Growing up in Maine, rhubarb recipes were all the rage for summer. Stewing, baking and even freezing rhubarb for later use were common activities in many kitchens throughout our neighborhood. From Persian stew and bread pudding to rhubarb daiquiris and poultry stuffing, this giant list of ideas for enjoying rhubarb recipes represents my favorite finds… [Continue Reading]

The Big List of Tater Tot Casserole Ideas

Tater Tot Casserole

Most of us have grown up loving these little bits of golden toasty potato goodness that pair with burgers, fish sticks and whatever veggie side dish Mom decides to put on the plate. Yes, Iím talking about Tater Tots. They disappear quickly when served as party snacks and make a fun addition to a work… [Continue Reading]

Breakfast Casseroles

Breakfast Casserole

For sleepy Saturdays, special events and group get togethers, breakfast casseroles provide a reliable go-to option your guests are sure to enjoy. Here are a handful of flavorful options to add to your repertoire. Hearty hash brown breakfast casseroles are a popular choice. Prepared hash browns bring heft and staying power to breakfast casseroles. This… [Continue Reading]

How to Enjoy Savory Pancakes for Dinner

Korean Pancakes

When youíre out of time and need something quick and kid-friendly to put on the table, enjoying savory pancakes for dinner is a great way to go. Here are some of my favorite ways to put pancakes on the table with a suppertime spin. Consider Korean These kimchee pancakes from the New York Times make… [Continue Reading]

Moon Cookies

Cashew Moon Cookies

Being married to a space and science news enthusiast, Iím always on the lookout for recipes with an astronomy theme. So I was particularly excited when I came across this recipe for moon cookies in a baking cookbook called Cookielicious. The inclusion of split cashews represents the quarter-moon shape nicely and adds a bit of… [Continue Reading]

25 Plus Uses for Lavender


Whether you have recently visited a lavender farm for the first time, or seen a friend get crafty with homemade lavender oil, chances are you’re here because you’re interested in exploring the many and varied uses for lavender. And the uses are varied indeed. From linen spray to doggie deodorant and bath salts to biscotti,… [Continue Reading]

Dairy-Free Nogs for the Holidays

vegan eggnog

From November through New Yearís, eggnog makes the short list of holiday drinks for many house parties and office gatherings. My mother always made eggnog milkshakes for Christmas Eve, and the flavor has always been one of my favorites. †So what do you do when dairy becomes an issue? Many families deal with dairy-free issues… [Continue Reading]

Giant List of Gingerbread Recipes: 50 Plus Ways to Enjoy a Traditional Holiday Favorite

gingerbread muffins

Few flavors exemplify the winter holidays more than gingerbread. Recipes for houses and decorated gingerbread men abound, but few people have time to take on that level of project multiple times each season. Thatís why Iíve compiled this ultimate list of gingerbread recipes featuring a wide variety of ways to enjoy this traditional holiday flavor… [Continue Reading]

Sassy and Simple Split Pea Recipes

split peas

A good collection of split pea recipes goes a long way towards supporting a menu plan of cheap food thatís also hearty and nutritious. If you think soup is the only option at your disposal, think again. These fun split pea recipes take this legume out of the boring box and bring it center stage.

Budget Recipe: Vegan Split Pea Soup

Vegan Split Pea Soup

Having been a fan of traditional split pea soup since I was a child, Iíve been on the lookout for an easy vegan split pea soup recipe for a while now. Iíve found several that were a bit longer on ingredients, but I wanted something easier. So I decided to create my own version.

Homemade Pineapple Mango Chutney

mango chutney

Tropical, fruity chutneys are often called for as an accompaniment in many of my favorite international cuisines and recipes. So when I saw this easy, homemade version in Colleen Patrick-Goudreauís book Color Me Vegan, I knew I had to include it as a companion piece to the book review.

Orange Cashew Cream Sauce

cashew sauce

This recipe from the book Color Me Vegan was shown paired with colorful veggie wraps that used nori sheets instead of tortillas. With only three ingredients and a blender required, itís made my short list for quick and easy party sauces.

Dairy-Free Nacho Dip from The Vegan Table

vegan nachos

Nachos were one of the first things I stressed over when deciding to reduce our dairy intake. So when I saw this recipe for dairy-free nacho dip in Colleen Patrick-Goudreauís The Vegan Table, I was stoked.

Spelt Tortillas


So many of my friends and colleagues are exploring gluten-free food these days, I thought I should give a nod to their efforts by posting this recipe for spelt-flour tortillas from the book Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites. The ingredient list is short, along with the prep time, making this a simple go-to recipe… [Continue Reading]