You “Still” Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free


You STILL Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free is Roben Ryberg’s tasty sequel on the subject of gluten-free cooking.  It’s wonderful. Although I have no medical reason to be gluten-free, a wheat allergy I had as a child seems reason enough to avoid gluten as much as possible. I’ve been reading and reviewing Gluten-Free cookbooks for… [Continue Reading]

Cookbook Review: Gluten Free on a Shoestring Quick and Easy


Nicole Hunn is fast becoming my gluten-free hero. I’ve referred to both her first book — Gluten Free on a Shoestring — and her website as references for incorporating more gluten-free options into my diet. It’s no small commitment, for sure. The ‘easy way’ of moving toward gluten free, e.g. just go buy it, is… [Continue Reading]

Cookbook Review: Vegan Celebrations


While transitioning to a plant-based diet, one of the concerns that pops up over and over again is appropriate food for special occasions and dinner parties. So when I saw the title “Vegan Celebrations”, I had to check it out. While not a comprehensive go-to vegan cookbook, Alicia Simpson’s Vegan Celebrations does live up to… [Continue Reading]

Cookbook Review: Caribbean Vegan

Caribbean Vegan

Taymer Mason, author of the blog Vegan in the Sun, has put together a collection of vegan recipes celebrating the numerous flavors of the Caribbean.

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series


  Photo Credit: Barbara Schnell from A good friend turned me on to these books by author Diana Gabaldon.