You “Still” Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free


You STILL Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free is Roben Ryberg’s tasty sequel on the subject of gluten-free cooking.  It’s wonderful. Although I have no medical reason to be gluten-free, a wheat allergy I had as a child seems reason enough to avoid gluten as much as possible. I’ve been reading and reviewing Gluten-Free cookbooks for… [Continue Reading]

Cookbook Review: Gluten Free on a Shoestring Quick and Easy


Nicole Hunn is fast becoming my gluten-free hero. I’ve referred to both her first book — Gluten Free on a Shoestring — and her website as references for incorporating more gluten-free options into my diet. It’s no small commitment, for sure. The ‘easy way’ of moving toward gluten free, e.g. just go buy it, is… [Continue Reading]

Agritourism and Aromatherapy at White Oak Lavender Farm

White Oak Lavender Farm Window Art

A day trip to the White Oak Lavender Farm is one of many fun things to do in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Owned and operated by Julie and Rick Haushalter, the farm offers tours, lectures, workshops and a relaxing environment from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

Cookbook Review: Vegan Celebrations


While transitioning to a plant-based diet, one of the concerns that pops up over and over again is appropriate food for special occasions and dinner parties. So when I saw the title “Vegan Celebrations”, I had to check it out. While not a comprehensive go-to vegan cookbook, Alicia Simpson’s Vegan Celebrations does live up to… [Continue Reading]

Cookbook Review: Caribbean Vegan

Caribbean Vegan

Taymer Mason, author of the blog Vegan in the Sun, has put together a collection of vegan recipes celebrating the numerous flavors of the Caribbean.

Some Different Ideas for DIY Christmas GIfts


Homemade gifts are not just the less expensive option for ‘trying times’. Speaking for myself, I truly appreciate a handmade gift. It doesn’t matter if it’s edible, wearable, or displayable. I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a homemade gift.  The converse is also true. I’d rather make gifts than scour the malls… [Continue Reading]

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies


As far as flexible foodstuffs, nothing beats the pumpkin. It does everything — soups, main dishes, appetizers, side dishes and, my personal favorite, dessert.  The Whoopie Pie is an extremely popular dessert here in Maine. It comes in many permutations besides the most popular chocoate.  It didn’t take much to make the Pumpkin Whoopie Pie… [Continue Reading]

Haunted Halloween Hallway


Thinking of hosting a Halloween party that pops? Want to have a haunted house, but think it’ll cost too much? There are many ways to provide a haunt and do it for minimum expense. Any area in your house can be “haunted” for a party. It doesn’t need to be a whole house. It can… [Continue Reading]

Museum Day 2010

Iolani Palace

Smithsonian Media  is sharing it’s sixth annual Museum Day on September 25th, 2010. On this day participating museums around the country will offer free admission with a museum day ticket. The ”Museum Day Ticket ” will allow two guests per family free admission to one museum from the participating list of museums. If more than two people wish… [Continue Reading]

Weekend Party Tips

Baseball Memories

With summer upon us and most of us working right up to the weekend we’re looking for simple, easy, affordable party ideas that make our party stylish and relaxed. Start With a Theme You Love Some of my favorites… The Beach This is offers endless opportunities and most of us can work from items we already have… [Continue Reading]

70 Ideas to Enjoy with Your Advent Calendar


Looking for some affordable ways to jazz up this year’s advent calendar experience? Here are seventy separate suggestions to enjoy daily this December. Incorporate them into your family’s advent calendar as you see fit. Ready? Read on.

Fun Family Trees

family tree

  Flickr Photo Credit: Rick This is a nice idea you can use for a family reunion or a gathering to document your collective genealogy.

Rainy Day Family Activity: Make Some Puppets and Put on a Show!


  Flickr Photo Credit: Dlade This is a great way to kill some time during a rainy day and preserve your parental sanity at the same time.

Family Reunion Ideas


  Flickr Photo Credit: Any Jazz 65 Even immediate family members can have difficulty finding time to spend together in today’s society. Finding the finances to do so can also be a challenge.

Halloween Chronicles: Hubba Hubba Halloween Ideas


  Flickr Photo Credit: ChattingJason Halloween is such a fun holiday with a ton of affordable ideas for decorating and party throwing.