Moon Cookies

Cashew Moon Cookies

Being married to a space and science news enthusiast, Iím always on the lookout for recipes with an astronomy theme. So I was particularly excited when I came across this recipe for moon cookies in a baking cookbook called Cookielicious. The inclusion of split cashews represents the quarter-moon shape nicely and adds a bit of… [Continue Reading]

25 Plus Uses for Lavender


Whether you have recently visited a lavender farm for the first time, or seen a friend get crafty with homemade lavender oil, chances are you’re here because you’re interested in exploring the many and varied uses for lavender. And the uses are varied indeed. From linen spray to doggie deodorant and bath salts to biscotti,… [Continue Reading]

Bling on a Budget: Get Great Jewelry for Less with These Savvy Shopping Tips

Swarovski bangle

Jewelry accessories can make or break an outfit, and provide pizzazz to your overall look. Here are several savvy shopping tips for scoring bling on a budget. Get serious about sterling silver jewelry. If solid gold isnít in your budget, but youíd still prefer a precious metal, investing in high-quality sterling silver jewelry is a… [Continue Reading]

Dairy-Free Nogs for the Holidays

vegan eggnog

From November through New Yearís, eggnog makes the short list of holiday drinks for many house parties and office gatherings. My mother always made eggnog milkshakes for Christmas Eve, and the flavor has always been one of my favorites. †So what do you do when dairy becomes an issue? Many families deal with dairy-free issues… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Bibigo Korean Foods

Bibigo Korean BBQ Sauces rszd

Being married to a long-time Korean food fan means Iíve always had to search out restaurants and specialty food markets whenever weíve moved, or taken a getaway to a place with an international restaurant scene. Not that I donít enjoy it, too. I do. But my husband is obsessed with it, and we currently have… [Continue Reading]

Giant List of Gingerbread Recipes: 50 Plus Ways to Enjoy a Traditional Holiday Favorite

gingerbread muffins

Few flavors exemplify the winter holidays more than gingerbread. Recipes for houses and decorated gingerbread men abound, but few people have time to take on that level of project multiple times each season. Thatís why Iíve compiled this ultimate list of gingerbread recipes featuring a wide variety of ways to enjoy this traditional holiday flavor… [Continue Reading]

Tress Passes: How to Have Great Hair for Less

Hair Care 1

Whether youíre a permanent road warrior or dealing with long daily commutes followed by evening business dinners, chances are your hair takes a beating on a regular basis. Keeping it coiffed and in great condition via standard salon visits can add up to big bucks. Thatís where having a personal power arsenal of maintenance tips… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Graycliff Chocolate

Graycliff Chocolate

The charmingly elegant Graycliff hotel in Nassau has launched its own line of luxury chocolate, which will soon be produced on site, adding a new jewel to the venueís heavily adorned culinary crown. On a recent visit to this Bahamian treasure, I was able to sample a couple of items from the product line. First,… [Continue Reading]

6 Simple Tips for a Successful Work-at-Home Experience

Caribbean food on beach rszd

With telecommuting jobs on the rise, and the decision to take on a freelance career becoming increasingly popular, working at home is becoming less of a life-long dream and more of likely reality for many people. It isnít exactly a cake walk however, and you do need to take this work as seriously as any… [Continue Reading]

Product Review: Orchard Bars

Orchard Bars Pineapple

When it comes to finding simple ways to survive vegan travel successfully, a good power bar will take you a long way. And while price point and calorie count may keep you from using them for every meal on travel day, having a trusted brand or two to tuck into your daypack for unexpected scheduling… [Continue Reading]

Nail Care Tips for the Cheap and Lazy

nail polish row

Whether you need to have your nails looking great for professional reasons, or are seeking a more glamorous look for your own personal enjoyment, manicures and pedicures can end up costing you major bucks on a long term basis. My top four tips for keeping nail care costs under control? BYO (Buy Your Own) Tools… [Continue Reading]

The Flip and Tumble Hooknook: A Fun New Holiday Gift for College Students and Modern Design Fans


The folks over at Flip and Tumble have turned their mod design mojo from shopping bags to tchotchke storage with an interesting new product called a hooknook.

Wine Review: Soave Pianello

white wine

I guess word of my fondness for Soave wines is getting out, because I just received another one to review. Specifically, the Soave Pianello.

Sassy and Simple Split Pea Recipes

split peas

A good collection of split pea recipes goes a long way towards supporting a menu plan of cheap food thatís also hearty and nutritious. If you think soup is the only option at your disposal, think again. These fun split pea recipes take this legume out of the boring box and bring it center stage.

Product Review: Annie Chunís Roasted Seaweed Snacks

seaweed snacks

Having recently launched a quest to research vegan snacks suitable for road trips, I was excited to receive some test samples of Annie Chunís roasted seaweed snacks.