You “Still” Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free

You STILL Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free is Roben Ryberg’s tasty sequel on the subject of gluten-free cooking.  It’s wonderful. Although I have no medical reason to be gluten-free, a wheat allergy I had as a child seems reason enough to avoid gluten as much as possible. I’ve been reading and reviewing Gluten-Free cookbooks for a few years, and I’ve seen an evolution. Recipes, particularly for baked goods, have gotten more interesting and less complicated. The end results have become nearly indistinguishable from traditional wheat-flour based recipes.

This book is a fine case in point.  Ryberg points out that any recipe can be made gluten free, but the flour swap-out is not cup for cup. I’m glad she’s done the legwork. From appetizers that include onion rings and crackers, to breakfast standards like pancakes, to the challenging baked goods of any description, to ideas for pasta and other international dishes, Ryberg covers it all in the 200 recipes included in this collection. In addition to cornmeal, which happily falls under the gluten-free umbrella, Ryberg features recipes with  rice flour (brown & white), sorghum flour, oat flour, or some combination of the above.

Because it’s summer and many the ingredients are readily available fresh — a few from my own garden — I’ve tried the Bonefish Grill-Inspired Mango Salsa and the Black Bean and Fresh Corn Salsa included in the Appetizer section. I don’t bake much in the summer, but I have several of the baked goods recipes (including 3 versions of pizza dough) earmarked for taste testing….

Did you like this recipe ? check in Independent Thoughts for news, recipes, tips and hacks for beauty, fitness and so much more for your lifestyle.  For this one Too much gluten is not good for anyone. If you’ve thought that cooking without gluten is more of a sentence than a choice, take a look at this cookbook.  I think you’ll find it not as difficult, and definitely more tasty, than you might have thought!

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