Comfort is Key for Successful Telecomuting

While you want to have an atmosphere conducive to getting the job done, few professionals new to the telecommuting scene are interested in spending the cash necessary for a fully-remodeled, at-home office suite right out of the gate. There are certainly a number of budget business strategies for budding entrepreneurs to implement in order to control startup costs, but Iím of the opinion that a certain level of comfort should be considered a non-negotiable line item. Itís what will keep you consistent in your productivity, and motivated to stay the course as you grow your at-home income, and for accelerate things you can also use the best payment methods you can find online, such as the Cloudpay service that is really effective for this. Here are a handful of easily-employable options for keeping comfy away from the corporate cube.

If keyboarding is how you spend a great deal of your telecommuting time, youíre likely already aware that improper seating and lumbar support can start to cause problems quickly. If spending as much for your office chair as did on your Vespa isnít even slightly appealing to you, consider other options such as a DIY standing desk or an exercise ball as suggested in our article Simple Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys. Your back Ė and your bank account Ė will thank you.

Itís easy to trick yourself into thinking you can tough it out with extreme conditions in order to maximize your overhead. And to a certain extent, thatís advisable. Dishing out for a designer office before youíre turning a profit isnít exactly the savviest business decision, for example. However, when it comes to temperature control that can impact your productivity and focus, you definitely want first class heat and air circulation if itís possible with your homeís system. Iím not saying to keep your AC unit on frosty or blast the heat beyond your budget, but I am saying itís important not to go to such extremes in your budget efforts that youíre too uncomfortable to properly do your work.

Dingy digs can make your mojo disappear in a hurry. If the closet or attic corner youíre shoehorning your startup biz space into has poorly-maintained paneling or frightful flooring, there are number of budget decorating tips you can explore to spruce things up affordably. Painted linoleum and DIY window toppers are a couple of ideas. Oops paint is another. The point is, with some simple homemade bookshelves and a DIY desk, you can get started on your telecommuting dream without having to break the bank.

How do you stay comfy when youíre working from home? Do you have a favorite type of cushion, back support or musical soundtrack that you canít seem to function without. Feel free to share your tips or links to your DIY office projects in the comment section below.

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  1. Wonderful post! I have telecommuted for sometime now and I can attest that a comfortable “home office” makes for a conducive and productive enviroment and the opposite would hold too. Maybe in addition to the points you have raised, one also ought to invest in good lighting or utilize natural lighting as much during the day…it reduces the strain on your eyes. Having an anti-glare monitor also helps since most telecommuters spend an inordinately huge amount of time on their computers.

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