Broken Shed Vodka: Product Review

Itís no secret Iím always up for reviewing a new spirit brand, and since Iím a vodka fan from way back it was no hardship to test drive a new-to-me brand called Broken Shed. Interested in my first impressions and selected cocktail recipe? Read on.

With a label design suited to easy masculine gift giving, this crisp New Zealand spirit stood up well to my standard vodka review cocktail: the vodka tonic. With only two additional basic ingredients, itís a simple way to determine how well the vodka supports the overall beverage experience. It also worked well with another three-ingredient vodka drink: the kamakazi. (See also: Recipe List for Vodka Slush)

This would be a fun spirit to try when youíre having friends over for a progressive holiday cocktail party, during an afternoon football feast or for a friendís bachelor party. Broken Shed retails for $34.99.

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