How to Inexpensively Redecorate a Child’s Room

If you are getting ready to, or are in the process of decorating your kid’s room, then you need to read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss inexpensive options and ideas that will delight your kids, and be friendly to your wallet!

The Bed

If you are setting your children up to share a room, the first thing you need to purchase is the bed. In today’s market of ever rising prices bunk beds are wise choices. Bunk beds take up less room, and many have storage options, or the ability to add a trundle bed, which is great for small children and sleepovers. They also work well if you are going with a loft style of decor. For inspiration and fresh ideas on how to accomplish this, sites liek will be your aid. Many pictures of well defined rooms will surely give you something to think about.

The main things to consider when purchasing bunk beds are; size, safety and quality. Wood bunk beds are a good solid choice, make sure the top bunk has adequate safety rails, and that the bed you choose will fit in the room. Purchase a set that has the ability to come apart and form two separate beds, as this will give you options in the future. If you can buy a good set of used bunk beds with a good bedspread, that will save you money. If you need to buy new, visit for a wide selection of bunk beds at a reasonable cost.

The Theme

Try to include your children’s wants and wishes when deciding on a theme for the room. Sometimes the kids will argue, and that will leave you to make the final decision.

One way to save money is to avoid the latest rage in bed linens, such as Barbie or Transformers. These items seem to rise in price by the minute in stores. Instead choose sheets and comforters that match the color of the room, and decorate the beds with throw pillows that have these popular designs on them.

The Details

Next, spice up the room with cabinet knobs. Cabinet knobs are inexpensive and the kids love them. For example, if your room theme is astrology, get star and moon knobs. Boys love the jungle type knobs shaped like lizards, dragonflies or frogs. Depending on the age of your children, buy plain unfinished knobs and let the kids decorate them. You can find these knobs at hobby stores and DIY stores or online.

Use sheets to complete the theme of the room. You can affix one flat sheet with a print that matches your theme to one wall, or attach it to the ceiling at the four corners and in the center. This can also serve for stuffed animal storage! Check garage sales and thrift stores for children’s sheets instead of purchasing new for the wall and ceiling.

Hopefully this article has been helpful in aiding your inexpensive and fun redecorating ideas.

This has been a guest post from Robert Lobitz.

Photo Credit: Philip Manker

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