50 Fun Rhubarb Recipes for Summer

Growing up in Maine, rhubarb recipes were all the rage for summer. Stewing, baking and even freezing rhubarb for later use were common activities in many kitchens throughout our neighborhood. From Persian stew and bread pudding to rhubarb daiquiris and poultry stuffing, this giant list of ideas for enjoying rhubarb recipes represents my favorite finds from around the web.

1. Pair it with pork chops.

Including some roasted rhubarb with your baked pork chops recipe brings this summer food item out of the dessert section and places it center stage at meal time. This particular meal plan incorporates rosemary, day-old bread and allspice for a decidedly savory experience.

2. Creative jam concoctions extend your list of rhubarb recipes.

It isnít all about berries, as this roasted tomato-rhubarb jam from Blue Kale Road demonstrates. Red onion and olive oil are also included here, making this condiment a wonderful addition to a chicken or fish dinner.

3. Consider a compote.

This rhubarb compote spreads easily over scones and is also recommended for pairing with thick Greek yogurt. To be honest, since Iím trying to adhere to a mostly plant-based diet, the scone idea is probably the one Iíll go with.

4. Whip up some wine.

OK, so a homemade rhubarb wine wonít win any awards with your favorite sommelier. But if youíre in the mood for something rustic and fun, it might be worth a shot. You could even try some of your favorite uses for boxed wine with this homemade variety, such as sangria, fruit salad glaze and meat marinade.

5. Bring on the breakfast blintzes.

These breakfast blintzes with caramelized rhubarb and sour cream are down home comfort food that also manages to be stylish and fresh. If youíre looking for something elegant and affordable for the next time you serve breakfast for dinner to your spouse, this might be just the ticket.

6. Braise some chicken thighs.

This recipe for rhubarb braised chicken thighs works well for a late summer dinner when you want to keep things simple. Paired with rice and a cabbage salad, itís an affordable way to feed a crowd and enjoy basic flavors that donít compete too strongly with each other.

7. Bake an upside-down cake.

Most people place upside-down cake in their mental file for pineapple recipes, but this recipe uses rhubarb instead for a fun summer snack suitable for a variety of holidays such as Memorial Day or Fourth of July.

8. Flavor some vodka.

Hey, vodka isnít just for peaches anymore. This idea for rhubarb vodka inspires many different summer cocktails to try while the weatherís warm. You could also enjoy it over ice on the back porch, or in a hammock with a good book.

9. Concoct a curry.

This savory rhubarb curry recipe made with French lentils is certainly packed with nutrition. It includes †frozen spinach and a variety of spices resulting in a flavorful dish you can pair with rice and perhaps a favored Indian condiment or two.

10. Pair it with chick peas.

Iíll admit that chick peas werenít the first ingredient that came to mind when I sat down to write this article. But when I ran across this Indian recipe for garbanzos with rhubarb and spinach, I was intrigued. It uses a hearty type of bean that Iím particularly fond of, and includes two healthy produce items to amp up the fiber factor.

11. Put it in a pasta dish.

While Iíve always been a fan of Italian food, I learned to appreciate some of the more unusual ingredients of the cuisine while I spent two years living on Lake Garda. This tagliatelle recipe uses rhubarb and fresh dill, along with eggs and cream to create a vegetarian entrťe suitable for pairing with white wine and a mixed green salad.

12. Accent an unusual bruschetta.

I love bruschetta as an easy, elegant appetizer. It can be topped with a variety of items you have on hand in your fridge, and also works well as a light dinner in its own right. This bruschetta recipe uses rhubarb, along with shaved Romano cheese and thyme to create a fresh alternative.

13. Stewed rhubarb keeps it simple.

Growing up, stewed rhubarb was one of the rhubarb recipes I saw prepared most often. It results in a simple sauce that can be enjoyed over ice cream or as a shortcake treat over homemade biscuits with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

14. Dish up some rhubarb delight.

If youíre looking for easy desserts, then this recipe for rhubarb delight should be on your short list. Itís short on ingredients, and kicks up the flavor with things like strawberry gelatin powder and premade cake mix. If you like dump cake and rhubarb, then you should enjoy rhubarb delight.

15. Perfect your strawberry rhubarb pie.

This recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie has been in my family for five generations, so I think itís safe to say we like it. †Itís a great summer treat for Sunday dinner, and works best with a homemade pie crust since itís a vintage recipe.

16. Craft a rhubarb crisp.

When youíre having close friends over for an afternoon tea or coffee clutch, celebrate seasonal produce by serving a rhubarb crisp like this one featured in the New York Times. Topped with vanilla ice cream, itís a great homespun treat.

17. Simmer a sauce.

If your kidsí school lunches need a break from apple sauce, consider a rhubarb sauce instead. This version, featured in Yankee Magazine, exemplifies summer in New England.

18. Make some jam.

I love having flavorful jams on hand for all sorts of things. Dessert squares are easier this way, and of course Iíve always been a fan of coconut thumbprint cookies. Other jam ideas include thinning it out to use for dressings and meat glazes. If sweets are more your thing, then there are always jam layer cakes, tarts and filled cookies. This strawberry-rhubarb jam recipe is one you can store and use throughout the year.

19. Coffee cake is always a hit.

I love to enjoy coffee cocktails with friends while catching up. If thereís a baked good to go along with the experience, then all the better. This vegan rhubarb coffee cake recipe is a great way to use up your extra yard produce, and a fun way to enjoy rhubarb in general.

20. †Pair it with polenta.

If you are the type of person who always has cornmeal on hand to cook with, then this rhubarb – raspberry polenta cake will likely catch your interest. Serve with an Italian dinner menu for a fresh alternative to tiramisu.

21. Enjoy some oat bars.

I love oatmeal bars with nearly any fruit, but this vegan rhubarb oat bar recipe seems exceptionally simple and lower in sugar than some of the other versions Iíve seen. Plus, youíre getting the oat fiber in there too. Iím not saying itís a health food or anything, but itís certainly better than some of the processed treats youíll find at the supermarket.

22. Make some muffins.

If muffins make your morning, then a batch made over the weekend to take to work can only be a good thing, right? These strawberry-rhubarb muffins use summer produce in a simple recipe thatís full of homespun goodness.

23. Concoct a curry.

At our house, international cuisines make up a large percentage of our regular food choices. So when I saw this ethnic recipe for rice noodles in a rhubarb curry with coconut, I was super jazzed. Looking forward to trying this one out over the summer.

24. Put some in a pancake.

We love having pancakes for dinner, so this strawberry-rhubarb pancakes post from Vegan Baking was one I had to include in this rhubarb recipes listing. These would be great with whipped cream and agave nectar for a family-friendly dinner during the summer months. Enjoy them with an OJ smoothie to round out the breakfast for dinner experience.

25. Prepare some bread pudding.

This type of dessert is a great way to use up leftover bread and enjoy seasonal product at the same time. While pumpkin and gingerbread may be the more obvious flavor choices for the fall and winter months, warmer weather calls for things like fruit and berries to be included. This strawberry-rhubarb bread pudding puts a summer spin on this rustic, traditional treat.

26. Enjoy a taste of Finland.

This Finnish rhubarb soup can be served warm or at room temperature, providing the flexibility needed for summer heat waves. Top with your favorite soup garnishes and serve with crusty bread and lightly-flavored water.

27. Brew a tea.

A homemade rhubarb iced tea makes a refreshing beverage when temperatures climb, and pairs well with heavier menu items like chicken pudding or shepherdís pie. Serve with a wedge salad to lighten things up.

28. Season a stew.

If heavier food is what youíre craving this Persian rhubarb stew might be in order. It uses your meat of choice to add stick-to-your-ribs flavor and makes an excellent accompaniment to those make ahead bread mixes you have kicking around in the pantry.

29. Who doesnít love pudding?

If smooth, creamy treats make your short list of summer goodies, then try this rhubarb pudding on for size. Itís a great way to finish off a summer picnic or round out Sunday dinner.

30. Bake a batch of sticky buns.

Who doesnít love something gooey to enjoy with your tea? This recipe for rhubarb sticky buns results in a decadent treat to enjoy with your family over a warm morning beverage. As with any homemade baked good, making these yourself is a great way to enjoy cheap food thatís also stylish.

31. Try your hand at rhubarb bread.

Try this rhubarb bread out the next time you find yourself in need of a hostess gift or something to bring to work for the office coffee break.

32. Include some orange flavor in a unique pie.

This rhubarb orange cream pie uses orange juice and meringue to enhance the flavor of one of the more unusual rhubarb recipes Iíve seen. Serve after a meal of cabbage-ramen salad and grilled chicken with lemonade.

33. Mix up a rhubarb bellini.

Do you like bubbly drinks when the weather warms? Try this sparkling bellini made with rhubarb simple syrup and puree. Enjoyable on its own or with a tray of chilled finger foods.

34. †Make a mojito.

If youíre a fan of Cuban food recipes, then branching out with a rhubarb mojito shouldnít feel like too much of a stretch. Mojitos are after all, the quintessential Cuban cocktail.

35. Shake up your stuffing.

Looking for some unusual Thanksgiving menus? If you can freeze a few bags of rhubarb to keep on hand for the holiday, then you may find yourself in a position to give this rhubarb and corn bread stuffing a try. Since the texture of this food item is so similar to celery, I expect this recipe would prove itself to be both familiar and fresh at the same time.

36. Craft some trail candy.

If adventure travel and hiking are your cup of tea, then this rhubarb candy made with a food dehydrator deserves your consideration. Suitable for packing in flat, resealable bags for easy storage, this treat provides you with a seasonally appropriate snack whether you are on the trail or the tarmac.

37. Have fun with fruit leather.

Anyone who has to cook for kids or prepare their school lunches on a regular basis can tell you that fruit leather is a huge hit with youngsters. This rhubarb-berry fruit leather allows the kiddos to enjoy a flavor not typically found with store-bought varieties.

38. Simmer a steak sauce.

Seriously? Rhubarb steak sauce? This one was new to me, admittedly. Still, it seems like a great addition to any planning list for back yard barbecues. Certainly switching up the condiment selection a bit is way less stressful than planning an entirely new entrťe.

39. Make your mustard magnificent.

Gourmet mustards are great for hot vegan sandwiches and hearty deli wraps. My interest is always piqued when I experience a new and unusual flavor such as cranberry or one made with a local honey. So this recipe for rhubarb mustard simply had to make the recipe roundup.

40. Get your gelato groove on.

Do you favor your desserts a bit more frigid? Try this rhubarb gelato at your next dinner party. Perfect with an antipasto plate or asparagus wrapped in ham.

41. Dish up a dressing.

Iím constantly on the lookout for fresh salad add-ins and dressing recipes. When you eat salad as often as we do at our house, itís important to have a few scrumptious tricks up your sleeve so you donít get bored. This rhubarb vinaigrette is just such a trick.

42. Go retro with sherbet.

Sherbetís been around for as long as I can remember, with lime being my preferred flavor whenever I was sick as a child. It should come as no surprise then, to see this rhubarb-lime sherbet recipe included. With fun tangy flavors and frozen temperature, itís the perfect decadence on a hot day.

43. Serve a sorbet.

When we first started reducing our dairy, I knew ice cream would be a huge issue for David. He loves the stuff. Really. Really. Loves it. So I bought a frozen dessert maker at Costco and started experimenting with homemade sorbet recipes. Sorbets make great vegan treats at any time of year, but particularly during the summer months. Incorporate this freebie food you can grow in your yard, and youíre in business. A rhubarb sorbet would work well with grilled mushroom steaks and green salad on a night youíre wanting an especially light meal.

44. Daiquiris are divine.

Admittedly, I find daiquiris delicious in almost any flavor, so including a rhubarb daiquiri in this list really wasnít much of a stretch. As soon as itís warm enough to jump in the pool, these are fair game for serving to company. In fact, a pool party is probably the perfect occasion.

45. Prepare a gourmet pizza.

Iím enamored with alternative pizza sauce options, which is why this savory rhubarb and goat cheese pizza recipe caught my attention. It reduces rhubarb along with cranberry sauce and seasonings into a spreadable sauce that makes pizza for dinner a much more elaborate affair.

46. Rev up your tofu.

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again. Learning to love tofu can take time for many. They key? Adequate flavor and moisture removal. This recipe for tofu with hot and sour rhubarb sauce brings an Asian flair to the dinner table, making it a suitable item to pair with anything from pot stickers to homemade crab rangoons. Bonus? If you grow rhubarb in your yard rather than purchasing it at the store, youíve got another great addition to your list of cheap produce items.

47. Noodles are for noshing.

These noodles with kale and spicy rhubarb sauce make it easy to eat vegan on the cheap, and provide an unusual alternative for weekly pasta night. Serve with a salad of spring greens and a wine strong enough to stand up to the rhubarb.

48. Perk up your potatoes.

Growing up in Aroostook County, I learned one thing for sure. You can never have enough potato ideas in your recipe box. From home fries to twice-baked taters, I thought I had tried everything. That is, until I ran across this rhubarb-potato gratin from The Daily Spud.

49. Go Asian with beef and rhubarb pot stickers.

If you enjoy Asian food, then these beef and rhubarb pot stickers are a great snack to serve guests, especially if youíre already making sushi and other regional foods for your gathering. Have a pot of rice on hand, and perhaps some regional brews on ice for a flavorful evening your guests will enjoy.

50. Kick up your ketchup.

If youíre tired of tomatoes, then give rhubarb ketchup a try. If you donít want to use too many of your canning jars early in the season, then just try a small batch. Say, somewhere in the neighborhood of four to six pints. Youíll have extra if it suits your taste buds, and not too much to give away if it isnít your cup of tea.

At this point, Iím sure itís pretty obvious that there are many more rhubarb recipes available than your standard pie or tea cake. These fifty represent my favorite finds, but Iíd love to hear about yours as well. Feel free to share your favorite rhubarb recipes in the comment section below.

Photo Credits: Rhubarb tarts photo by Whitney in Chicago, and rhubarb crisp photo by Little Blue Hen

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