Vegan Treats

Worried that hopping on the vegan train will leave you without anything fun to eat? This list of vegan treats will put your mind at ease. From baked goods to chocolate milk, here are my top treat picks for managing the vegan transition.

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

These really are scrumptious, and it was great to find that Doritos finally came out with a non-dairy tortilla chip option. We enjoy them with salsa, and also as a sinful dinner add-on when we make hot vegan sandwiches in the oven.

Silkís Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

I tried this once, and never looked back. Itís rich, thick, creamy and VERY full of chocolate flavor. The other chocolate non-dairy (and dairy for that matter) milks canít compare. Itís great with homemade cookies and other baked vegan treats, and is suitable for a holiday morning, sleepover, or any time you want some chocolate decadence in beverage form.


Iím partial to the roasted pine nut flavor that Sabra makes, but you can always craft your own from chick peas if youíre feeling like Betty Crocker. Personally, I like to snag the bulk price at Costco and take along a tub or two to enjoy with veggie sticks when we travel in the car. Itís one of our favorite road trip snacks, and on our short list for vegan treats in general.


I recently wrote an article on how to make sushi at home, but to be honest, itís also one of our frequent restaurant choices when we want to dine out for date night. Ordering the veggie roll and some steamed edamame with a chilled beer makes for an easy and affordable vegan dinner menu. Especially if we manage to hit our favorite place at happy hour. The veggie rolls ring in at $3.50 then. Score!

Several Flavors of Layís Potato Chips

Plain and barbecue come immediately to mind, but the brand has other flavors that make great vegan treats as well. We donít purchase potato chips often, but theyíre fun to have with the vegan sloppy Joes that we make with brown lentils, especially if weíre having people over for a little backyard telescope time.

Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs and Fries

These are a fun way to jazz up your Tater Tot casserole ideas and veggie burger meals while adding the extra nutrition of sweet potatoes. Other brands might be vegan as well, but I know that Alexia definitely is. There are also vegan brands of regular potato puffs and fries.


This was one of the first items we started buying more of during our transition and one of several secret weapon foods for going vegan, in my opinion. The avocados are full flavored, work well as a sour cream replacement on those nights we want to enjoy vegan tacos and itís a fun alternative to salsa when we feel like having something a little richer than normal. Bonus? When youíre meeting meat-eating friends for dinner at burger joints and Mexican restaurants, itís frequently on the menu. In fact, Chiliís restaurant has a great roasted corn guacamole that we always order as an appetizer to go along with the black bean burger.

Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix

Several of the hot chocolate mix varieties from Ghirardelli are vegan, including their double chocolate kind. This was great news for us, because in the winter we frequently like to enjoy hot chocolate cocktails like butterscotch schnapps in our hot cocoa. Now we know we have a vegan option.


One of our summer plant-based diet tricks is to incorporate sorbet as a substitute for ice cream. When creaminess becomes a concern, we whip something up from canned coconut milk. That usually solves the problem. There are loads of sorbet recipes online featuring nearly any fruit imaginable.

Most Clif Bars

We purchase these things in bulk at the warehouse store and use them extensively for vegan travel and day-to-day vegan road trips where we need to run several errands in a row. At first, I wasnít sure because the box had a Kosher symbol on it for dairy, but upon further reading this was due to the fact that because the factory where these are made creates other products, there may be trace amounts in the Clif bars due to the process of making them. Since Iím not Jewish and keeping Kosher is not an issue for me, Iíve dubbed them ďvegan enoughĒ for our use. Youíll have to make your own call, but I feel like with the number of organic ingredients the company uses and the fact that itís recipes donít typically include dairy as a listed ingredient that they are stepping up enough for my personal standards. Also, they work great for surviving flight delays.

A Number of Entenmannís Baked Goods (Including Several Fruit Snack Pies)

The best way to include these vegan treats affordably is to search out an Entenmannís bakery outlet. Thereís one less than an hour from my house, on the way home from Costco. If youíre trying to eat vegan on the cheap and donít like to bake, this could be the solution for you. Some of their items include dairy, but many do not. The sales person should know exactly which ones to point you towards when you shop there.


Since I grew up with this brand of corn chips, I was psyched to find out that both the original and barbecue flavors were vegan. Again, not recommending a full diet of processed foods here, but when you do feel like giving in to enjoy some vegan treats, itís nice to know you have more than one product at your shopping disposal.

This list of vegan treats is by no means comprehensive. In fact, my plan is to add to it as more information makes its way onto my radar. It is however, a list of vegan treats that we lean on heavily as we make our way to plant-strong living or find ourselves with only convenience stores on a long stretch of highway. Sure, packing a cooler is a priority. But to be honest, sometimes your road trip takes you through stretches where searching out a grocery store to restock will take you miles out of your way. If you need to grab a few snacks to get you by, at least youíll know theyíre animal product free.

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