The Big List of Tater Tot Casserole Ideas

Most of us have grown up loving these little bits of golden toasty potato goodness that pair with burgers, fish sticks and whatever veggie side dish Mom decides to put on the plate. Yes, I’m talking about Tater Tots. They disappear quickly when served as party snacks and make a fun addition to a work at home lunch menu. Recently, I was introduced to the idea of Tater Tot Casseroles as a tasty one-dish dinner option. The more I thought about it, the more the concept appealed to me.

OK, so it’s better to eat the actual unprocessed potato for the most part. But for a fun dinner idea when you’re having company or headed to a pot luck event? Definitely doable. As it turns out, there are a fair number of people who feel the same way. So I’ve rounded up a big list of Tater Tot casserole ideas for those who are interested in trying out the idea at home. Here are my top picks.


People who prefer meatless recipes are still able to enjoy Tater Tot casserole, as the following recipe ideas indicate. These tips for veggie sausage and burger casseroles are all workable solutions for a Meatless Monday meal.

Keep it mild.

This mild-flavored tater tot casserole from Yummly uses subtler flavors like celery and creamy canned soup to create a tasty side dish. It would pair well with a colorful vegetable and a bean-based veggie burger for a simple, weeknight dinner.

Try out some veggie sausage.

This side dish recipe for Tater Tot casserole uses vegetarian sausage and cream of mushroom soup to create a hearty main entrée. Try pairing it with a mixed green salad and a pitcher of lemony iced tea.

Go traditional.

Green beans and meatless burger crumbles pair in this Tater Tot casserole recipe that results in a traditional type of baked dish suitable for a vegetarian meal. Enjoy it alongside other hearty veggie fare as part of a holiday food buffet.

Bring on the beans.

This particular recipe uses the Tater Tots in combination with frozen vegetables and pinto beans to create a stick-to-you-ribs dinner plan. It’s definitely basic with regards to flavor pairings, but gets the job done when you have a hungry family.


If you enjoy a Southwestern flair to your typical weeknight meal plans, then you might enjoy some of these Mexican Tater Tot casserole ideas I found when surfing around the web.

Go meat free with chilies and tomatoes.

This meatless Mexican Tater Tot casserole recipe uses diced tomatoes, chilies, sour cream and cheese to create a scrumptious meal item that would pair well with grilled meats, spicy black beans and numerous other Mexican foods.

Try a base of chili.

Whether you use meaty or vegetarian chili as your base, this Mexican – inspired recipe for Tater Tot casserole will be hearty and satisfying.

Include some enchilada sauce.

This carnivorous version includes ground beef, enchilada sauce, corn and black olives to create a Tater Tot casserole that’s truly an entire meal in one dish.

Celebrate your inner taco enthusiast.

If you love eating tacos then this Tater Tot casserole recipe is for you. Using taco seasoning, ground beef and nacho cheese soup among other ingredients, it bakes up into a Southwestern-style comfort food your family is likely to request on a regular basis.

Throw in some beans.

This recipe includes black beans along with the ground beef, seasonings and canned corn for even more fiber and flavor. As Tater Tot casseroles go, this one’s pretty hearty. You could even use the filling for burritos if you want to make extra before putting the whole thing in the oven.


For those who are in the process of going vegan, finding full-flavor “fun” foods can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re redesigning entire systems of shopping, baking and pantry stocking. That’s why I made it a point to search out a variety of vegan Tater Tot casserole recipes that were completely plant based and tall on flavor. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Eat your veggies.

I’m always looking for more creative ways to eat frozen mixed vegetables, because I think they are a tremendous value. Even purchased organically the cost is workable for our family’s budget. This recipe for vegan Tater Tot casserole is from the Snarky Vegan and uses those mixed veggies creatively with a homemade vegan white sauce, Daiya non dairy cheese and of course those tasty little potato puffs.

Bring on the burger crumbles.

This recipe uses a nutritional yeast “cheese” sauce and meatless burger crumbles to create a Tater Tot casserole suitable for a simple, weeknight dinner.

Consider curry.

I love curry and I adore sweet potatoes. So this vegan Tater Tot casserole recipe from Peas and Thank You was destined to catch my attention. It includes organic tempeh, veggies and Alexia sweet potato puffs.

Enjoy a traditional green bean bake.

This hot dish recipe from “Big Mike” in Minnesota combines frozen French beans, creamy portabella soup and meatless ground beef for a hearty vegan Tater Tot casserole you can enjoy during the holidays or for a pot luck gathering.

Kick it Texas style.

This crock pot recipe for vegan Tater Tot Casserole includes hot spices and multiple types of beans to create a hearty dish. It looks like you’ll have to do some thinking to avoid it being too watery, but the flavor pairings should work well enough.

Keep it kid friendly.

It’s no secret that cooking for kids can be a tricky business. Making sure you have enough protein when exploring the vegan diet is an additional, and common, concern. This version of vegan Tater Tot casserole from Vegan Mother Hubbard uses both quinoa and tempeh along with multiple vegetables to create a dinner dish that her children enjoy.

Mushrooms are meaty.

My guy loves anything heavy on mushrooms and of course the potato carbs are just an extra bonus as far as he’s concerned. So when I found this recipe from Epicurean Vegan that combines burger crumbles, mushrooms, spinach and tofu sour cream, I knew it was one we would be interested in adding to our vegan Tater Tot casserole repertoire.

Try a potato-topped veggie pot pie.

This classic Tater Tot casserole dish from the folks at Veg Out Love, uses a dairy-free white sauce and loads of veggies and TVP to create a satisfying, child-friendly meal. I’d like to see it paired with a wedge salad or some sautéed greens as well to round out the nutrition factor.


Let’s face it. Chicken’s a popular ingredient for any sort of baked dish, and chicken Tater Tot casserole is no exception. If you’ve got some extra chicken leg quarters in the freezer, then these recipe ideas might be just what the doctor ordered.

Cheese it up.

This recipe for chicken Tater Tot casserole is generous on the cheese and sour cream as well as the chopped chicken. It definitely needs a salad or other green vegetable to balance it out, but is tall on fun factor and flavor for those meat and potato lovers in your family.

Start with a base.

This particular chicken Tater Tot casserole recipe starts with a white sauce base and includes mixed vegetables. I’d like to see this tried with frozen chopped broccoli, but whatever floats your boat. The point is, you definitely need to pair these casseroles with some produce if you don’t want to overdo it on the processed food.


Few penny-pinching family dinner recipes are more popular than pizza. If you can combine that with potato puffs, then you’re really in business. These pizza Tater Tot casserole ideas will help you put something on the table the kids will love while still saving a bit of dough.

Simplicity rules.

This basic pizza casserole celebrates Italian seasoning, green peppers, mozzarella and other simple ingredients to create a dish that brings American flair to a traditional Italian food pairing.

Meat lovers need more.

This recipe for Tater Tot pizza casserole includes both ground beef and pepperoni into one main dish suitable for serving with dressed romaine leaves and a few black olives.

Full flavor recipes rock.

This version of pizza Tater Tot casserole combines peppers, mushrooms, pizza sauce and two different kinds of cheese for the full-on flavor your family expects from a recipe with pizza in the title.

Lower fat ingredients save calories.

This pizza Tater Tot casserole recipe uses lower-fat cheeses and turkey pepperoni to pull off a meal that’s short on calories but tall on flavor.


There’s no doubt that one of the more popular budget grocery ingredients for American families is ground beef. That’s rounding up a few hamburger Tater Tot casserole ideas was a priority when putting together this article. Here are a handful of suggestions to get you started.

Celebrate the South.

This hamburger Tater Tot casserole idea from the people at Deep South Dish incorporates smoked sausage along with ground beef for a hearty spin on a traditional favorite. Don’t forget the collard greens on the side!

Go rustic.

This cowboy casserole recipe from Taste of Home features hearty ingredients like ground beef, canned corn and cream of chicken soup in the base. As with several others on this list, some colorful produce in your chosen side dish is pretty critical.

Basics are good for the budget.

This recipe for Tater Tot casserole from Foodily gets back to basics with simple ingredients like bargain beef, Worcestershire sauce, onions and cream of mushroom soup.

Tater Tot shepherd’s pie is a great comfort food recipe.

For those who love traditional family fare, it doesn’t get more homespun than shepherd’s pie. This particular version uses puffed potatoes to create a Tater Tot casserole that will keep farm hands coming back for more.


Considering that Tater Tots are basically miniature hash browns, they are particularly well suited for breakfast casseroles. Combine them with a few other breakfast ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a breakfast casserole worthy of serving to company.

Ham and eggs make anything breakfast.

They’re two of the top ingredients most people think of when it comes to a hearty morning meal. That’s why this baked dish from CD Kitchen caught my attention. It contains ham, eggs, potato puffs and green pepper, among other ingredients. Serve this Tater Tot breakfast casserole with sliced fruit, toast and a great cup of coffee.

Trim down the fat content with turkey sausage.

The Cookin’ Cowgirl whittles down the fat grams with this Tater Tot breakfast casserole recipe made with turkey sausage. I like how it provides the same amount flavor while taking calories somewhat into consideration.

Bring on the bacon.

We may not be eating much of it at our house anymore, but that hasn’t stopped the rest of America from enjoying this crispy treat in anything from dessert to lunch sandwiches. This Tater Tot breakfast casserole uses bacon and cheese to bring potato puffs to the next level in a stick-to-your-ribs morning meal.

If you need an easy baked dish topping that doesn’t require much work, then this Tater Tot casserole listing should point you in the proper direction. Have you tried using these puffed potatoes to polish off a casserole before? What are your recipe recommendations?

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