Product Review: Spring Teas from Kusmi

While Ive always been a flavored tea fan, weve been drinking more and more of it at our house, and saving the French-pressed coffees for the weekend. I know. I never thought it would happen either. We still love our coffee mind you, its just that for health reasons were trying to lean more towards tea through the week.

With that in mind, I was thrilled to receive two review samples of some fun spring teas from Kusmi. Both are floral based, and bring a touch of spring to the afternoon tea table. Here are my thoughts on both.

First, the Bouquet of Flowers tea. A decent tea overall with a light, subtle flavor. Id use this for a tea that I wanted to drink frequently in the afternoon for a light refreshing break in the day. The flavor isnt overpowering, which means that it would pair easily with a variety of lunch food or afternoon snacks. This tea would also be fun iced down.

Second, the Rose Green tea. This was my favorite. It smells strongly of those wild June roses that used to sprout up everywhere in Maine during my younger years. Definitely a strong flavor and scent. Since this would interact more with food choices, Id either drink this one alone or plan carefully with your snack and meal pairings. Mild scones, plain sugar cookies and even cucumber sandwiches would work well here. Id say this tea is perfect for Mommy-and-me tea parties, Mothers Day, June bridal showers or even an Easter Sunday event.

There are a number of fun teas to try with the Kusmi company. Hey, theyve been making tea for more than 100 years, so you have to figure theyve had plenty of time to develop their selection. These two are especially fun for the upcoming season, however and I would encourage you to give them a try.

Photo Credit: Kusmi

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