Breakfast Casseroles

For sleepy Saturdays, special events and group get togethers, breakfast casseroles provide a reliable go-to option your guests are sure to enjoy. Here are a handful of flavorful options to add to your repertoire.

Hearty hash brown breakfast casseroles are a popular choice.

Prepared hash browns bring heft and staying power to breakfast casseroles. This crowd-sized breakfast bake from Betty Crocker is an excellent example, and suitable for serving to the meat and potatoes crowd.

Enjoy a stick-to-your-ribs Amish casserole for breakfast.

Amish food is famous for its sturdy ingredients. This Amish breakfast casserole includes three different cheeses, eggs and a full pound of bacon. Not health food by any means, but if you have hearty eaters coming over for a special occasion, this might be something youíd want to choose.

French toast doesnít have to be frustrating.

One of the first breakfast casseroles I ever saw was a version of French toast prepared in advance for the oven. This French toast casserole from Frugal Upstate is a great example thatís workable for Christmas morning, Easter breakfast and sleepy Saturdays.

Fire up the crock pot for worry-free breakfast casseroles.

There are several ways you could go here. This Mexican morning casserole is a fun place to start if you are the type of person who enjoys chilies, bell peppers and tortillas for breakfast.

For serious Tex Mex fans, baked breakfast nachos make for a fun casserole alternative.

Using crumbled sausage instead of ground beef provides a ďbreakfastĒ feel to these morning nachos. Rather than serve these on their own, Iíd make them part of a larger Southwestern breakfast buffet with homemade tortillas, refried beans and huevos rancheros.

Biscuit pies make fantastic breakfast casseroles.

One of my favorite breakfast casseroles to make is breakfast pie. I use our favorite ingredients to make a baked-in-crust casserole pie with low-fat baking mix, similar to the ones I occasionally make for dinner. This sausage breakfast pie from Betty Crocker is similar to ones Iíve made for holiday mornings in years past.

Cheesy grits are a Southern classic.

For down home breakfast comfort food, itís hard to beat cheesy baked grits. Paired with a brunch ham and a variety of gooey baked goods and fresh fruit, youíve got the makings of an affordably-decadent morning get together.

Go for the unexpected.

This quinoa and sweet potato bake is an unusual breakfast casserole thatís tall on nutrition. Because quinoa is a complete protein, this is a breakfast option that will stay with you throughout the day.

If you favor Florentine flavors, consider adding spinach to your breakfast casseroles.

Not only do I enjoy spinach in my veggie omelets, itís also a great ingredient in breakfast casseroles. High in folic acid and a colorful addition to the meal plate, itís an ingredient I always try to have in the fridge. This potato, sausage and spinach breakfast dish from Bon Appetit is an elegant way to go thatís also good, stick-to-your-ribs food.

For the vegans in the crowd, a few meat and dairy substitutes make for a traditional breakfast bake.

This morning casserole from Ellen DeGeneres uses tofu, vegan ďbaconĒ and dairy-free cheese to create a baked breakfast treat suitable for company.

Apples and oatmeal make a beautiful breakfast cobbler.

For those who prefer fruitier breakfast casseroles, you might want to consider a breakfast cobbler as an alternative. This one uses apples and oatmeal for the base ingredients, which is a tasty combination at any time of year.

Berries bring color and nutrition to the world of breakfast casseroles.

Darker berries rank rather high on the nutrition density index and make a fantastic breakfast food. This blueberry strata is one option, but there are certainly others out there worthy of your consideration.

This list of breakfast casseroles is by no means comprehensive, but contains a variety of ideas for you to explore if youíre interested in incorporating this type of dish at your next family brunch gathering. Do you have a favorite family breakfast casserole recipe? What are the main ingredients?

Photo Credit: The Leslie Show

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