Cookbook Review: Cookielicious

For cookie enthusiasts everywhere looking for a diverse recipe resource, comes the title Cookielicious. A collection of favored cookie recipes assembled by St. Petersburg Times food editor Janet K. Keeler, this book offers a wide range of confections suitable for nearly every occasion.

The recipe list includes everything from gingerbread bars and chocolate biscotti to moon cookies, pecan puffs and pet treats. In addition to featuring a diversity of flavor, Cookielicious also manages to provide a range of treat options ranging from rustic to really fancy. Rosemary shortbread, chocolate nut rolls and cherry cheesecake bars are all on hand for your next brunch or afternoon tea, while cookies with names like chipper doodles and peanut butter and jam bars stand ready for after-school snacks.

I would recommend Cookielicious to any avid baker or cookbook collector with a love for classic and unusual cookies. The only thing I would point out is that if you are in the process of going vegan, most of these recipes do include butter and eggs. So while appropriate vegetarian, you may want to tweak the recipes over time to make them fully vegan. That being said, these recipes have all been tested for flavor and results, so know that if you do decide to tweak, it may take a while to get the same result. Your call.

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